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Reliable die spotting presses for mould & tool construction

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Used die spotting presses for sale at Surplex.com


  1. What is a die spotting press?
  2. Area of application of spotting presses
  3. Different aspects of the die spotting process
  4. The use of a die spotting machine in the monitoring and optimisation of press tools
  5. Used spotting presses made by well-known manufacturers
Used die spotting press

What is a die spotting press?

A die spotting press is a precision machine tool used in the production and verification of moulds and dies. More specifically, a high accuracy hydraulic die spotting press is used in the final stages of the moulding process, in order to additionally increase the quality and efficiency of production and ensure the dimensional accuracy and precision of blow moulding and injection moulding machines. Some die spotting presses are custom made for specific utilization and can be found in a wide range of frame styles with different optional features like 180° tilting slide, tilting platens, rolling bolsters, servo-controlled slide parallelism control systems and automatic clamping & lifting packages.

  • Contains a colouring liquid
  • Separation and joining of coloured workpiece halves
  • Serves as monitoring and control device for tools
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Area of application of spotting presses

In general, a die spotting press is used for colouring by applying ink or another similar liquid colouring agent. The die spotting process is a manufacturing technique used in many sectors in order to eliminate certain small irregularities on a workpiece. The die spotting process includes any procedures that involve punches, dies, moulds and other similar tools, and usually presumes the incorporation of a deep drawing press. The die spotting press is a special machine tool used in the separation and joining of coloured workpiece halves. In addition to that, die spotting presses serve as monitoring and control devices for tools.

Used die spotting press in a factory

Different aspects of the die spotting process

The die spotting process is closely related to pressing. This is particularly notable during the mezzotint process, where a blank copperplate is roughened with a toothed scraper to form a grid of recesses that absorb the colour. Parts of the workpiece that should be brighter or stay white are accentuated by scraping and polishing.

Testing the evenness of a planed surface (e.g. a marking plate) is possible by applying ink with a spotting press and then taking it off with a straightedge. After doing so, the raised areas will be blank, while the recesses will be darker than their surroundings. This method is particularly suitable for testing and optimising tools that are made out of two or more matching components. These are, for example, tools used for deep drawing, injection moulding and spark eroding.

The die spotting press was developed so that the processing techniques undertaken by these tools do not have to be done on the specific machine tool required for production. Over time, the die spotting process has become a manufacturing process, as machines have evolved to fit more specific requirements. One such development has made it possible for a die spotting machine to turn the upper part of the tool by 90 or 180 degrees after the pressing process so that the coloured surface can be better accessed.

Used die spotting press with table

The use of a die spotting machine in the monitoring and optimisation of press tools

A die spotting machine is used for a variety of manufacturing processes, including the preparation and monitoring of tools that include two matching components. For example, during deep drawing, it is generally necessary to coordinate the forms of the tool halves on the binder to ensure that the amount of frictional force is right for the amount of material flow required. In order to ensure the required minimum of force on the sheet metal, the individual areas of the form need to be soft or hard spotted. Furthermore, the spotting press can monitor if the rounding of corners is accurate. Similar tasks also occur during the manufacturing of injection moulding tools, and therefore the die spotting machine is applied here as well. Another machine tool similar to the die spotting press is the try-out or testing press, which is also commonly offered as a machine tool for die spotting.

Used spotting presses made by well-known manufacturers

Many companies worldwide have become specialized in the production of spotting presses, some of the best-known being REIS ROBOTICS and DIEFFENBACHER (Germany), LETAC (Switzerland, SUTHERLAND PRESSES (USA), SANKI SEIKO (Japan), and DEES and HSIN LIEN SHENG (Taiwan). A used die spotting press for sale made by some of the above-mentioned brands can often be found in good condition on our website at a competitive price, either as a direct sale offer or in our industrial auctions. Due to a continuously changing machine offer we recommend to regularly visit our pages in order to find the preferred used die spotting press for your needs, as well as to visit our auction page and other machine pages, and browse through the rest of our offer.

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