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  1. Incorporating shaping tools using the die spotting press
  2. From the copperplate to injection moulding
  3. Die spotting presses for the monitoring and optimisation of press tools
  4. Who produces die spotting presses?
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Incorporating shaping tools using the die spotting press

Die spotting generally means colouring using ink or another similar liquid colouring agent. Die spotting is a manufacturing technique used in many sectors in order to get rid of any small irregularities on a workpiece. The term die spotting includes any processes including punches, dies, moulds and other similar tools, and like the incorporation of a deep drawing press. The die spotting press is a special machine tool, with which coloured tool halves can be joined and then separated again.
  • Contains a colouring liquid
  • Separation and joining of coloured workpiece halves
  • Serves as monitoring and control device for tools
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From the copperplate to injection moulding

The process of die spotting is closely related to Pressing. This is particularly notable during the mezzotint process, whereby a blank copperplate is roughened with a toothed scraper to form a grid of recesses that will absorb the colour. Scraping and polishing are used to accentuate the parts of the workpiece that should be brighter or stay white. Testing the evenness of a planed surface (e.g. a marking plate) is possible by applying ink and then taking it off with a straightedge. Raised areas will be blank and recesses will be darker than their surroundings. This method is particularly suitable for testing and optimising tools that are made out of two or more matching components.
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These are, for example, tools used for deep drawing, injection moulding and spark eroding. The die spotting press was developed so that the processing techniques undertaken by these tools do not have to be done on the specific machine tool required for production. Over time, die spotting has become a manufacturing process, as machines have developed to fit requirements. For example, turning the upper part of the tool by 90 or 180 degrees after the pressing process, so that the coloured surface can be better accessed.

Die spotting presses for the monitoring and optimisation of press tools

Die spotting presses are used for a variety of manufacturing processes, for the preparation and monitoring of tools that include two matching components. For example, during deep drawing it is generally necessary to coordinate the forms of the tool halves on the binder to ensure that the amount frictional force is right for the amount of material flow required. In order for there to be the required minimum or strong force on the sheet metal, individual areas of the form need to be soft or hard spotted. Furthermore, die spotting can monitor if the rounding of corners is accurate. Similar tasks also occur during the manufacturing of injection moulding tools, and therefore the die spotting machine is also applied here.
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A similar machine tool to the die spotting machine is the try-out or testing press, which is also commonly offered as a machine tool for die spotting.

Who produces die spotting presses?

In Germany, the company REIS ROBOTICS (that formerly focussed on plastic processing) has been producing die spotting presses since 1961. A second manufacturer that has been producing die spotting presses since the mid 1960s is DIEFFENBACHER, who focus on woodworking. Other companies include LETAC (Switzerland, SUTHERLAND PRESSES (USA), SANKI SEIKO (Japan), and DEES and HSIN LIEN SHENG (Taiwan).

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