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FRIULMAC FN KOMBI TC 4 2500 Double End Tenoner
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700 €
08/02/2019 12:09
CELASCHI TSA 440 A 2 B Double-End Tenoner for Window Manufacturing
San Pedro de B…
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  1. What is a double end tenoner?
  2. Who uses double end tenoners?
  3. Using double end tenoners
  4. Buy a used double end tenoner from a reputable supplier
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What is a double end tenoner?

A double end tenoner — often referred to as a DET machine — is a sophisticated item of machinery that is used to shape the sides of solid wood or chipboard panels. The double end tenoner is used widely in mass-production facilities for the creation of furniture, as it is capable of processing large amounts of wood or chipboard quickly and cost-effectively. With certain adaptations, these relatively stable and efficient machines can be used to process materials other than wood.

  • Stationary machine in wood production
  • Milling lateral profiles in wood panels
  • Used by large-scale manufacturers for shelves, benches etc.
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Double end tenoners are able to deal with transverse and longitudinal profiling with ease. Individual workpieces travel through the processing stages on a chain conveyor. Wooden panels are placed onto the conveyor and held in place with downwards pressure. As the panels pass through the two milling units of a DET machine, they are cut to the desired shape. Modern double end tenoners are able to cut different shapes into each side of a panel at the same time. The entire process takes just a few seconds, and thanks to automatic start, automated feeding and stacking mechanisms, several panels can be processed in a very short space of time.

Who uses double end tenoners?

Double end tenoners are used extensively in most modern wood processing facilities. Large-scale furniture manufacturers use them to speed up production and cut costs. A modern double ended tenoner can be used in the production of shelves, tables, benches and various component parts. Increasingly, these efficient woodworking machines are also being used in the production of windows and doors, as they can be adapted to process certain types of plastic.

HOMAG Double end tenoner in operation

Easy to operate, durable and low-vibration, double end tenoners allow manufacturers to control costs. Smaller companies have a further opportunity to cut expenditure by purchasing a used double end tenoner. This not only cuts capital expenditure, it gives small company owners and directors a reliable machine that has a history of processing wood and chipboard accurately.

Using double end tenoners

The latest machines are relatively safe and easy to use, which means most of the training required for operators relates to health and safety. While the risk of injury posed by a double end tenoner is low, great care must be taken when materials are being added and removed from the machine.

Depending on the type of milling unit being used, double end tenoners can be used to cut and shape a wide range of materials. Some manufacturers use these efficient woodworking machines for tongue and groove profiling, or to execute angular or diagonal cuts. These functions are possible because of the exceptionally high level of accuracy delivered by the latest machines.

Used double end tenoner operating unit

Large-scale wood processing operations can create a huge amount of dust and chippings. These waste products have the potential to interfere with other areas of production, so fitted hoods that catch dust and waste are often required. Mass-production facilities will usually be fitted with some form of extraction system in order to remove excess dust from the air. The biggest production lines usually utilise automated feeding systems to increase productivity and cut labour costs. Efficiency can be boosted further with the addition of turning systems.

Buy a used double end tenoner from a reputable supplier

Keep checking for a quality double end tenoner for sale. While we may not have exactly what you are looking for right now, we are sourcing used woodworking and metalworking machinery all of the time. In the past, we have sold used double end tenoners made by some of the World's most respected manufacturers, including SCHWABENDISSEN, WEINIG, GUBISCH, HOMAG and HÜLLHORST. Whether you buy a machine at auction or directly from the list of used machines available on our website, you are assured of a competitive price. To be among the first to hear about our next machinery sale, sign up to the Surplex newsletter.

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