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Double End Tenoners

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IMA FBA/II/190 Double End Profiler
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SCM D80 K S1B Double-End Tenoner
Marcallo con C…
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ARGEMI WPE 1003 Double-End Tenoner
Eiras Vedras
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  1. What is a "double end tenoner"?
  2. Working with a double end tenoner
  3. Useful accessories for double end tenoners
  4. Equipment
  5. Providers of double end tenoners
Used double end tenoner front view

What is a "double end tenoner"?

A double end tenoner is a machine used to shape the side profiles of chipboard or solid wood panels. It is a machine that is used in the mass production of wood products. It enables the quick, efficient processing of large amounts of wood panels.

How does a double end tenoner work?

  • Stationary machine in wood production
  • Milling lateral profiles in wood panels
  • Used by large-scale manufacturers for shelves, benches etc.
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A double end tenoner is a stationary machine. It contains a milling unit on the left and right side. Between these two milling units is a conveyor belt, upon which the wood panels are placed. The panels are then shaped as they move alongside the milling units. The desired shape for each side of the panel can be adjusted separately. As one of the sides of the double end tenoner could be displaced, wood panels up to a width of several metres can be processed. The milling process for one wood panel only takes a few seconds. Due to the automatic start and stacking mechanism, many wood panels can be shaped in a very short space of time.

Working with a double end tenoner

Double end tenoners are made for the manufacturing facilities of timber products. Mass producers of shelves, tables, benches or wall elements use these as standard machines. Other applications for the double end tenoner is for the processing of windows, parquet, doors, insulation and plastic. These machines can be deployed in a variety of settings; they are adaptable, subsequently expandable, durable, low-vibration, low-maintenance, easy to operate and very efficient for mass production.

HOMAG Double end tenoner in use
The qualifications of a trained assistant would be enough to operate a double end tenoner. The only task that is necessary is the delivery and removal of products. The work conducted around a double end tenoner in the plant is limited to the loading of wood panels and the removal of the finished products. Double end tenoners can be used for a large variety of tasks. They can longitudinally and transversely process panel material, and this is not only restricted to wood products. With the right choice of a milling unit, a variety of materials can be processed using a double end tenoner. Using this machine for the mass production of tongue and groove profiling is also possible, as the machine ensures a high level of dimensional accuracy of finished products. Angular and/or diagonal cuts can also be produced using the double end tenoner. The set-up time of this machine is particularly short; all that needs to be done is for the milling unit to be exchanged and the number of panels to be loaded.

Used double end tenoner operating unit

Useful accessories for double end tenoners

The milling process will produce chippings and the milling of wood creates a lot of dust. Therefore, fitted hoods for the tools and highly-efficient extraction systems are necessary. Using an automatic loading machine (for example, loading robots) or a turning system would further increase the efficiency of the double end tenoner.

Providers of double end tenoners

In addition to providing high-quality machinery, the manufacturers of double end tenoners are very renowned and provide a high-level maintenance service, as well as supplying spare parts. The most well-known manufacturers of double end tenoners are: SCHWABENDISSEN, WEINIG, GUBISCH, HOMAG and HÜLLHORST.

Used double end tenoner general view
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