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Dowel Drilling Machines

Dowel drilling machines for industrial furniture manufacturing 2 Machines
GANNOMAT Index 130 pro Dowel Drilling Machine Dowel Drilling Machines
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Dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 4,500 x 1,800 x 1,800 mm
Year of manufacture 2006
Weight approx. 2,000 kg
Machine available from immediately
Delivery terms FCA Rietberg, loaded on truck
Rietberg Germany, 33397 Rietberg
11/12/2020 11:10
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Dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 1,300 x 800 x 1,400 mm
Year of manufacture 1984
Weight approx. 180 kg
Machine available from immediately
Delivery terms FCA Lembruch, loaded on truck
Lembruch Germany, 49459 Lembruch
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Buying and selling used dowel drilling machines on Surplex


  1. What is a dowel drilling machine used for?
  2. Operation and maintenance of a dowel drilling machine
  3. Accessories for dowel drilling machines
  4. A quality used dowel drilling machine
Used dowel drilling machine front view

What is a dowel drilling machine used for?

A dowel drilling machine (also referred to as a dowel boring machine) is a machine used for the processing of wood. Dowel drilling machines are used to drill dimensionally accurate holes in wood, into which the dowels – the round, threadless, wooded pegs used for wood constructions – are to be inserted. Dowels are then glued and bound together at a right angle to the panel of the body of the wooden furniture piece, in order to ensure the stability of cupboards, shelves, and other furniture.

  • Used for the processing of wood for the furniture industry
  • Mass production of self-assembly furniture
  • Further increased efficiency through additional fittings with automatic feeding system
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In woodworking industry, a dowel hole drilling machine is most commonly used for the manufacture of self-assembly furniture because the drilled holes have to be regular in diameter and have equal distance from one another; even a small amount of deviation could lead to strain or reduced stability in the furniture. With a dowel boring machine, large batches of orders can be processed at once, which is why they are used a lot in mass-production. Therefore, they are particularly popular with contract manufacturers. Although dowel drilling machines are mainly used to treat wooden workpieces, they can also be used on plastic or compound materials.

Operation and maintenance of a dowel drilling machine

Generally, dowel drilling machines can be loaded and unloaded both manually and automatically. However, due to dust and noise, manual loading is not recommended because it increases the likelihood of mistakes. Chipboards are very sensitive products that can easily become unsuitable for the market if there is a little bit of damage. Therefore, automatic loading of a dowel drilling machine is recommended.

KOCH Dowel drilling machine in operation

As a result of the high amount of dust and chippings, dowel drilling machines require a lot of cleaning. Therefore, dowel machinery has to be disassembled and cleaned with compressed air. Without the correct maintenance, the dust resulting from wood chipboards and binding agents can lead to build-up, which in turn could create damages. This can be avoided through scrupulous and regular cleaning, especially when it comes to older, used dowel drilling machines.

Accessories for dowel drilling machines

A dowel drilling machine can achieve increased efficiency through additional fittings with automatic feeding systems. A gradually moving conveyor system with stops could be sufficient for this process. Ideally, it is more useful to have feedback systems or a loading robot, which guarantee the accuracy levels of up to a millimetre of the furniture panels. Dowel drilling machines are drilling equipment, and therefore it is useful to have a powerful extraction system to reduce the amount of dirt. The benefits of an extraction system are clean air, as a result of a significantly cleaner working environment, failure-free sensors and minimal dust disturbance.

Used dowel drilling machine tool

A quality used dowel drilling machine

Many companies have specialised in the manufacturing of woodworking machinery for industrial drilling and milling of wooden components, including the dowel machinery. Some of the most reliable manufacturers, whose used dowel drilling machines have shown very good performance even after years of use, include GANNER, JONSDORF, KOCH, and SCHEER. If you visit an industrial machinery auction organized on a regular basis here at, it is possible to buy a used dowel drilling machine, in good condition and at a reasonable price. Of course, dowel machines, as well as a wide range of other industrial used machines are available on our website in the regular offer too. If you are having difficulties finding the right machine at the moment, feel free to sign up for our newsletter to receive the upcoming news about our used machinery offers.

Used dowel drilling machine general view

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