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Dowel Insertion Machines

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Definition: Dowel Insertion Machines

Dowel insertion machines are equipped with powerful drilling and dowelling units . The drilling, gluing and dowelling functions are expanded by milling and sawing on combined machines. The productivity of an automatic dowel insertion machine depends among other things on the number of drilling spindles and working areas. They are used to process components of windows, doors, kitchens, etc. Modern CNC drilling and dowelling machines work quickly, precisely and flexibly. They can easily be integrated into production lines. You can find a used dowel insertion machine, e.g. from BIESSE or KOCH, at Surplex. Used, but of top quality!


Buying and selling used dowel insertion machines on Surplex


  1. What is a dowel insertion machine?
  2. How does a dowel inserter operate?
  3. Industrial application of the dowel insertion machine
  4. Where to buy used dowel insertion machines in good condition?
Used dowel insertion machine workspace

What is a dowel insertion machine?

Dowel insertion machines are available in various combinations for automatic sawing, drilling, milling, and dowel driving. A dowel insertion machine is employed mainly for window production. With the development of technology, more advanced CNC (computer numeric controlled) dowel insertion machines, which perform high speed drilling, gluing, and dowel insertion, have become available. Such machines are used primarily in the mass-production of frameless cabinetry, furniture, components, etc.

  • Mainly used for window and door production
  • Complete working of a piece in one clamping operation
  • High number of pieces with consistent quality
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A more complex wood dowel insertion machine is able to process up to four workpieces at once. Optional features of a dowel insertion machine include a closed loop glue flow control system, pneumatic control of the centre stop, CNC control at the X axis, etc. The rapid and simple handling of a workpiece by a dowel inserter can substantially increase the processing speed and efficiency.

How does a dowel inserter operate?

A typical dowel insertion machine operates over a base frame and various work stations. These work stations are necessary for working on the long and face sides. Dowel insertion machines with four work stations, two for each of the long and front sides, enable two pieces to be inserted.

Used dowel insertion machine interior

A workpiece clamping system fixes the workpiece on the dowel inserter. Through the operation of many drill spindles on one beam, the complete workpiece can be processed in one clamping operation. The drilling head usually has multiple drill spindles, which are guided through a hard-point boring bush. The gluing and dowel insertion can occur in many places at once and is often times controlled automatically. The glue pump and feeder device are also in the machine room. Dowel insertion machines are available in 3-axel numerically driven implementation, in which the positioning of individual elements is controlled by a PC. Along with drilling and driving dowels, metal fittings can also be adjusted, while a separate or integrated extraction system can be installed to remove the sawdust resulting from the process of dowel insertion.

Industrial application of the dowel insertion machine

This effective dowel insertion machine is used primarily in woodworking, in the production of windows and doors. It achieves high production output with consistently high quality. With a setup for the automatic transport of workpieces, a dowel inserter integrates well into an assembly line. Generally, dowel insertion machines are fully programmable but include a variety of pre-installed programs.

Where to buy used dowel insertion machines in good condition?

Some of the most recommended manufacturers of dowel insertion machines are WINDOOR, KOCH, ELKO, and GANNER. Provided that they have been properly used and maintained, used dowel insertion machines by those manufacturers can serve your production needs almost as good as the brand new ones, for a fraction of the price. Occasionally, a used dowel insertion machine in good condition can be found at an industrial auction organized here at Of course, in addition to auctions, used dowel insertion machines and other used industrial machines are also available in the regular sales on our website. If you are unable to find the right machine for your needs at the moment, please subscribe to our newsletter to receive the upcoming news about our used machinery offers.

Used dowel insertion machine front view

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