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Dowel Insertion Machines

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  1. Industrial applications of the "dowel insertion machine"
  2. Areas of application and examples of the dowel insertion machine
  3. Brand names and manufacturers of dowel insertion machines
Used dowel insertion machine workspace

Industrial applications of the "dowel insertion machine"

Dowel insertion machines are employed primarily for window production. Through the operation of many drill spindles on one beam, the complete workpiece can be processed in one clamping operation. A typical dowel insertion machine operates over a base frame and various work stations. These work stations are necessary for working on the long and face sides. Machines with four work stations, two for each
  • Mainly used for window and door production
  • Complete working of a piece in one clamping operation
  • High number of pieces with consistent quality
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of the long and front sides, enable two pieces to be inserted. A workpiece clamping system fixes the workpiece on the machine. The drilling head usually has multiple drill spindles, which are guided through a hard-point boring bush. The gluing and dowel insertion can occur in many places at once, and is often times controlled automatically. The glue pump and feeder device are also in the machine room. These machines are available in 3-axel numerically driven implementation, in which the positioning of individual elements is controlled over a PC. Along with drilling and driving dowels, metal fittings can also be adjusted. These machines are available in various combinations for automatic sawing, drilling, milling, and dowel driving. A separate or integrated extraction system removes the sawdust, resulting from the process.

Used dowel insertion machine interior

Areas of application and examples of the dowel insertion machine

This effective dowel insertion machine is used primarily in woodworking, in the production of windows and doors. It achieves high production output with consistently high quality. With a setup for the automatic transport of workpieces, this machine integrates well into an assembly line. Generally these machines are fully programmable, but include a variety of pre-installed programs.

Brand names and manufacturers of dowel insertion machines

Several companies have specialised in the manufacturing of dowel insertion machines. Some of the most recommended suppliers include WINDOOR, KOCH, ELKO and GANNER.

Used dowel insertion machine front view
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