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BRANDT Optimat KD 68-CF Edgebander
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SCHMID KSB Edge Sanding Machine
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700 €
DELLE VEDOVE Edge sanding machine
Cavour (TO)
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650 €
SAMCO Unilev Edge Sander
Donostia-San S…
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  1. Sanding for precise edges
  2. The introduction of woodworking machines to carpentry
  3. Applications for industry and hobbyists
  4. Suppliers of second-hand edge sanders
Used edge sander front view

Sanding for precise edges

The edge sander is for sanding wooden edges. It is often applied to beams and frames, hardwood panels, and veneered wood pieces. Curved edges can be sanded along with straight or diagonal edges. The stationary sanding machine is height-adjustable. The sanding belt is an endless sanding belt driven by two vertical rollers. The workpiece is lead to the sander along a supporting table.
  • Sanding of wooden edges
  • Used in the carpentry and the furniture industries
  • Used for doors, windows, and parquet flooring
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The angle of incline of the rollers and sanding belt are adjustable to any angle of edge. The sanding belt's oscillation guarantees a result without streaks or scuffs and optimal wearing of the sanding belt. An attached extraction unit removes the resulting sawdust. Additional safety features include stable clamps to hold the sanding apparatus in position, and a cover for the sanding belt. A bimetal fuse shuts the machine down in cases of overheating.

The introduction of woodworking machines to carpentry

The first sanders were operated by hand or foot. The invention of the steam engine gave sanders the power to make working hard materials much easier. The large steam engines were not suitable for smaller workshops, which could only first profit from these machines with the invention of electricity. Edge sanders made the working of large pieces faster and easier.

OTT Edge sander in use

Applications for industry and hobbyists

Edge sanders are used in woodworking and furniture production. They are used to process doors, windows, and parquet flooring. Edge sanders are also suitable for the home workshop. It should be understood that the edge sander is only used to superficially smooth and finish, and not to reshape. Smaller workpieces can be held directly against the sanding belt, while larger workpieces are to be laid alongside the belt.

Suppliers of second-hand edge sanders

A wide range of great edge sanders are available from several suppliers such as DE STEFANI.

Used edge sander workspace
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