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EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining)

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HUBER-EXCETEK V 650 R Wire EDM Machine
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AGIE Agiecut Progress 2 CNC Wire EDM Machine
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CHARMILLES Robofil 2020 - 1 Wire EDM Machine
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Weilheim Teck
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  1. Using erosion techniques for accurate removal
  2. Applications of die sinking, EDM drilling and wire erosion
  3. Affordable EDM machines from industrial enterprises
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Using erosion techniques for accurate removal

Erosion is a process where an electrical discharge between two conductors is produced within a dielectric fluid during metalworking. The EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) machine, or spark eroding machine, is used for the removal of electrically conductive materials on a workpiece. The removal of this material is done through evaporation or chipping. In order to make this possible, EDM machines can only process workpieces that have an electrode.
  • Removal of the conductive material of a workpiece
  • Processes include evaporation or chipping
  • Precise contours can be achieved in the shape and dimensions of the workpiece
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This electrode is made out of a very strong electrical conductor. Appropriate materials for this are tungsten, copper or graphite. For the erosion process, an electrical discharge occurs between the electrode and the workpiece, which creates sparks that simultaneously fuses and evaporates the workpiece. A non-conductive fluid, like oil or deionised water, acts as a dielectric fluid. This dielectric fluid restricts the electrical field and ensures that the removal of material from the workpiece is done in a controlled way. The electrode is used as a counterpart, as to what material is supposed to remain on the workpiece. All metals and metal alloys can be processed using this method. It is mostly used with aluminium, brass, copper and steel. The process also works with other conductive materials like graphite and certain ceramic materials.

Erosion machine in use

Applications of die sinking, EDM drilling and wire erosion

With a die sinking machine, a workpiece is put into a dielectric fluid. This is a technology used in tool manufacturing for the construction of castings, bending punches and moulds. A special form is EDM drilling, where initial holes and threading holes are drilled into the workpiece. This is used as a process step before wire eroding. Wire eroding is used as a cutting process. A wire is fed through the workpiece and then using an electrical current, the workpiece is brought to a melting point. The dielectric is sprayed onto the workpiece using a hose. The advantage of erosion is that all conductive material of any level of hardness can be processed. The worked contours are of the highest precision in their form and dimensions.

Affordable EDM machines from industrial enterprises

Second-hand EDM machines from well-known manufacturers are available in auction with Surplex. Conventionally steered EDM machines and machines with modern CNC-steering are both available. Fully functional wire erosion machines, die sinking machines and start hole erosion machines are also produced by AGIE CHARMILLES, ONA, AGEMA and OPS INGERSOLL.

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