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VOTEX BISON Electric Fourway-Sideloader
1 Bid
6,500 €
STILL RX 50 - 15 Electric Forklift
0 Bids
5,250 €
STILL R 20 - 16 Electric Forklift
0 Bids
3,150 €
JUNGHEINRICH ETV 110 Electric Reach Truck
0 Bids
2,800 €
BT RR-B 2 Electric Reach Truck
0 Bids
2,800 €
JUNGHEINRICH ETVQ A 20 G Electric Forklift
0 Bids
2,200 €
JUNGHEINRICH EJC 110 Electric Pedestrian Stacker
7 Bids
2,200 €
LINDE E 15 Electric 3 Wheel Forklift
10 Bids
1,800 €
LINDE E25 Electric Forklift
5 Bids
1,600 €
STILL R 60-30 Electric Forklift
16 Bids
950 €
LINDE TP20 Electric Pallet Truck
S. Agata Bolog…
0 Bids
350 €
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  1. Why is an electric forklift useful?
  2. What types of electric forklifts are available?
  3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of an electric forklift?
  4. Who is allowed to operate an electric forklift and what kind of facilities does it require?
  5. Providers of electric forklifts
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Why is an electric forklift useful?

An electric forklift is a type of industrial truck. They are known to operate extremely quietly and are emission-free. In the past, electric forklifts were restricted in their capabilities, especially in terms of speed and lifting power. However, heavy-duty electric forklifts that have the ability to lift up to 10 tonnes are now available.

  • Silence and emission-free operation
  • Availability of different sizes for distinct lifting capacity
  • It can be used in closed areas with no issues
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What types of electric forklifts are available?

Even though they do not strictly speaking belong in the category of real forklifts these hand-operated electric lifting carts are referred to as electric forklifts. These battery operated machines are a necessary component of any facility, where heavy loads need to be transported around small spaces. Pallet trucks do not have a driver's cab and are hand operated; the forklift operator is walking behind it. The smallest electric forklift is the reach truck, which is operated by a driver who is standing. This enables easy forward and backward movements, as well as being able to successfully manoeuvring tight corridors. For the loading of, for example, groceries only small electrically operated forklifts with a carrying capacity of a few hundred kilograms, are widely offered. Electric forklifts are available in a variety of sizes and lifting capacities. The range of electric forklifts has increased through special constructions such as the side loader, four way side loader, coil stapler, compact front lift and automatically guided vehicle systems.

DOOSAN Electric forklift in use

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an electric forklift?

The main advantage of an electric forklift is its extremely quiet and emission-free operation. Electric forklifts can operate in closed, poorly ventilated areas and are commonly used in the food industry. The noise pollution inflicted on electric forklift operators is minimal. The disadvantages of electric forklifts are their restricted carrying capacity and lengthy loading time. Currently there are heavy-duty electric forklifts available, as well as quick replacement systems for batteries. At the moment electric forklifts are not used in areas of rough terrain, however, this development will come in the long-run.

Who is allowed to operate an electric forklift and what kind of facilities does it require?

Battery operated pallet trucks and reach trucks can be used in most facilities following brief instruction. Operators driving forklifts with a seat must possess a forklift operating license. This is particularly important for the fast working electric forklifts, because they pose a significant danger due to their silence.
Used electric forklift operating area
There are very few models that can be charged with a simple electricity cable and a 220V socket. Therefore, a specially fitted loading station is always necessary for forklift facilities.

Providers of electric forklifts

Most of the manufacturers of forklifts also have an electric branch in their available stock. The most well-known providers of electric forklifts are: STILL, LINDE, STEINBOCK, CLARK, NISSAN and JUNGHEINRICH. The company JUNGHEINRICH also provides very good battery operated pallet trucks. Heavy duty forklifts that can lift up to 10 tonnes are available from: KOLMAR.

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