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End Process Machining

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Definition: End Process Machining

End processing machines are the best solution for machining round bars, pipes and tubes in a single operation. These machines enable, among other things, dimensionally accurate connections for tubing and pipeline systems. The end processing machine delivers excellent results in deburring, facing, beveling and tapping. Modern CNC machines are modular and can be equipped with a bar magazine, a saw unit or a test system, depending on the requirements. They can be easily integrated into automatic production lines. At Surplex you will find used end processing machines with suitable workpiece diameters. Used, but of top quality!


  1. End machining in industrial manufacturing
  2. Areas of application and examples of end machining
  3. Brand names and manufacturers for the end machining
End machining structure End machining in industrial manufacturing

End machining in industrial manufacturing

Machines used for end machining were invented to process the ends of tubing and cylindrical solid material in one operational step. These machines are an alternative to the circular saw machines and can face and chamfer the material in one operational step. Thereby, the inner and outer edges of the workpiece are simultaneously held. Linking it with the separation system makes the whole process even more efficient. Machines used for end machining can be integrated, for the most part without any problems, into existing assembly lines.

  • End machining on tubes and cylindrical solid material
  • Alternative to circular saw machines
  • Can easily be integrated into an assembly line
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The hourly output of this machine is very high; it can process up to 1,600 pieces of solid material or tubing. Generally, they are easily accessible and therefore can be retrofitted to work on a new product very quickly. CNC machine tools for end machining are available for 1 sided and 2 sided processing. They are more functional than the version mentioned before. They are used to turn, face, beval, tap, burr, bore, mill, centre and shape the ends of workpieces. For the most part, these machines are modularly built and are made out of a stable machine bed, slide units, spindle units and quick clamping devices.

End machining in use

This enables them to process complicated workpieces. Automatic machines for trimming and end machining are set up with a bar magazine for 6 metre bars. A helical slide or a bundle tray can also be used. The integrated sawing unit allows for work from the bar. Additionally, added measuring and test units are integrated or subsequently incorporated. The most important part of a machine tool used for end machining is the indexing plate. This ensures that processing occurs in a clamp, just like with a rotary transfer machine. These varieties are, however, not always used. Special end machining machines are used for the processing of camshafts, gearbox shafts and crankshafts. Automatic handling systems, like industrial robots, are also used for loading and unloading the material.

Areas of application and examples of end machining

End machining workspace

The main area of application for end machining is for building machines, especially the processing of shafts, tubes and fittings. They are very effective machines and are often used for mass production. The integration into automatic assembly lines can be done without any problems. The precision and repeat accuracy level of this machine used for end machining is very high. Standard parts can be manufactured into complicated forms quickly and accurately.

Brand names and manufacturers for the end machining

Several companies have specialised in the manufacturing of end machining. Some of the most recommended suppliers include REMS, WERAG, BAIER, HECKERT, DUAP, EMAG, BEWO, REIKA, GEORG FISCHER ORBITALUM, HIRSCHEIDER, SEMA, UNIOR, SINICO, ARLA and RSA.

End machining

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