Floor-type Boring Machines

Ideal for constructing generators, heavy machinery & turbines
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FRORIEP F.B.T 130/200 Floor Type Boring Mill

Unlike the horizontal boring mills, floor type boring mills are also suitable for machining the heaviest components. Examples of use are the generators and heavy machinery as well as the manufacturing of wind turbines. With the floor type boring mill, the workpiece rests on a stationary clamping surface, while the machine column travels along the X axis. The modern design with CNC control, automatic tool change and optional rotary and tilting tables allow efficient multi-sided machining with up to 6 controlled axes. At Surplex you can find used floor type boring mills at top conditions. Also recent models with a large spindle diameter, such as those made by TOS.

A floor type boring machine is used to bore horizontal holes into workpieces. Designed to be rooted to the floor, this powerful machine tool features a work spindle that sits parallel to the floor. There are usually three axes: the main axis drives the part towards the spindle and both vertical and cross-traversing axes perform the work. A floor type boring machine is an item of heavy-duty industrial equipment that usually shapes very large components. However, there are also precision models that create more detailed shapes on smaller workpieces such as ornamental objects. These precision floor type boring machines are often controlled by advanced CNC systems that are programmed by an operator.

  • Horizontal processing of large workpieces
  • Allows for turning, milling and deep drilling
  • Used in heavy industry, and for building turbines and generators
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Although a floor type horizontal boring machine sits on the ground, it is not fixed into a permanent position. This means that operatives can move it in accordance with the overall production line, the available space or the exact manufacturing set-up. Manufacturing processes that require the finishing or roughing of very large metal workpieces often use CNC system to automate boring for increased speed and accuracy.

Boring Mill SCHARMANN in operation

A floor type horizontal boring mill is used primarily for the drilling of holes. However, it is also used for turning and milling workpieces. Advanced floor type boring mills with CNC computer control centres make the drilling of holes faster and more accurate than ever before. They can be made more efficient too — with the addition of a few extra tools such as tilting and rotary tables. These items allow workpieces to be drilled on both sides of a floor type milling machine.

To allow for safe, quick and easy access to floor type boring milling machines, a support beam can be added. There are further production cost-savings to be made by integrating automated feeding systems into floor type boring mills. Smaller operations often buy used floor type boring milling machines to minimise capital expenditure. While a floor type horizontal boring mill may need some initial repairs, maintenance or calibration, it will often have a proven track record in drilling accurate holes efficiently — which is essential to small businesses that have to manage their cashflow carefully.

Floor type milling machines were first introduced during the Industrial Revolution to make the building of ships faster and safer. They were also used to manufacture thousands of newly emerging technologies during the 18th and 19th centuries. The horizontal floor type boring machines of today provide manufacturers with a more economical alternative to bed type milling machines and table type milling machines.

The modern floor type horizontal boring machines is used to create component parts in a wide range of industries. They process parts for wind turbines, engines, generators and heavy-duty manufacturing equipment. The latest floor type milling machine usually has modern control systems and measuring devices, which are capable of delivering incredible levels of accuracy. A large floor type boring milling machine can feature up to six axes, all working independently. And they’re controlled by central computers that speed up the process, cut labour costs and make the production process a great deal safer.

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