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Forging Hammers

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Definition: Forging Hammers

No forming tools (dies) are used in smith forging. Instead, the incandescent workpiece is machined with specific position changes, whereby the workpiece movement is carried out either manually or by means of manipulators. Various hammers can be used for smith forging. The most popular type is the steam hammer, and another one is the air hammer. These machines differ considerably in terms of their dimensions, i.e. height, length and weight. The ram hammer can weigh anywhere from a few kilograms to several tonnes. Used large forging hammers can be purchased at favourable conditions. Surplex auctions used forging hammers directly from a location in Europe.


  1. Explanation of the term forging hammer
  2. Functions of a forging hammer
  3. Types of forging hammers
  4. Working with a forging hammer
  5. Suppliers of forging hammers
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Explanation of the term forging hammer

A forging hammer is a machine used for metalworking. Contrary to a forging machine, a forging hammer does not have a tool, with which a defined contour can be pressed into the workpiece. With a forging hammer, workpieces are prepared for further processing or individually workpieces can be finished.

Functions of a forging hammer

A forging hammer is made out of a stable frame, upon which an anvil is integrated. The mechanical or pneumatically operated forging hammer is made out of a massive steel block. The hammering process is started by hand or foot. Depending on the size of the workpiece, several workers can be operating one forging hammer.

  • Machine used for metalworking
  • Individual workpieces or the preparation of a workpiece for further processing
  • Large variety of workpieces with diameters of several centimetres up to several metres
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Types of forging hammers

There are a lot of different types of forging hammers. Small machines have a hammer diameter of only a few centimetres. They are pneumatically operated and are also called "air powered hammers". These belong, for example, to blacksmiths or metal locksmiths. The biggest forging hammers are used in heavy industry. These are used, in order to shape freshly poured slabs. Forging hammers can be so big that they cannot be operated manually, and have to be operated using forklifts or cranes. Thereby, workpieces up to 10 tonnes can be processed with the appropriate forging hammer. Other operational methods of forging hammers are steam or hydraulic.

Working with a forging hammer

The operation of a large forging hammer is one of the hardest and most dangerous jobs in the industry. The workpiece is usually glowing hot, which means there is generally a furnace in the close vicinity to the forging hammer. Liquid metal, high temperatures, noise, sparks and heavy duty physical work are the types of conditions under which someone would work, if they were to operate a large forging hammer. For this reason, only skilled workers should be operating this hammer. Surrounding the forging hammer, it is important to undertake coordinated, cautious and organised work. Temporary and semi-skilled workers do not really have a role to play in the operation of a forging hammer (besides cleaning and transportation). A forging machine is a massive tool, which needs to be supported by a foundation. In addition to a furnace, there are lots of other devices and equipment that belong to a forging hammer. A forging hammer is not a standard tool for machinery works. However, they are useful for companies that would like to provide custom metalworking services.

Suppliers of forging hammers

Forging hammers generally have a very long working life. Established suppliers of forging hammers are KUHN MASCHINENTECHNIK, PENSOTTI, BECHÈ, EUMUCO, STANKO MASSEY and BANNING.

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