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Special presses for high-quality gluing
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CASOLIN BU JUNIOR window frame press
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MAWEG PRP Pneumatic Frame Press
Germany, 51371 Leverkusen
MAWEG PRP Pneumatic Frame Press
Frame Press
Germany, 75385 Bad Teinach - Sommenhardt
Frame Press
Frame Press
Italy, 61122 Pesaro
Frame Press

Frame presses are mainly used for window, door and furniture manufacturing. They stick all kind of frames in a quick and safe way. Many frame presses are equipped with movable press cylinders which allow to work on pieces in any shape. Frame presses are specially suited for one-off production and small batches. Hydraulic frame presses produce a really high contact pressure. Therefore, they can also stick metallic and composite materials in a safe way. At Surplex you will find a changing range of powerful second hand frame presses - for a top price!

Frame presses are tools that are used to secure and efficiently process wood and plastic products. They are mainly used for the manufacturing of furniture and windows. Frame presses are known for their ability to securely and precisely grip workpieces. For high quality and precise bonding and gluing processes, professional frame presses can be used. Frame presses are particularly useful for individual workpieces or for small-scale series production.
  • Used to secure and efficiently process wood and plastic products
  • Mainly used for the manufacturing of furniture and windows
  • Useful for individual workpieces or for small-scale series production
 Quality   Great offers   Personalized They are less appropriate for mass production, as frame presses have to be manually operated. Apprentices can operate frame presses, as they are very robust and can only be damaged through extreme negligence or deliberate mishandling.

Modern frame presses are known for their great features in the areas of ergonomics and efficiency. Using a sloped work space, the workpieces such as cabinets, drawers or windows can be conveniently inserted. Quickly adjustable frames means that the press can be adjusted to any desired dimension. Mechanically operated presses are stable and durable. Using a high-end frame press will produce better results in the long term. Hydraulically operated frame presses are available for particularly demanding pressing requirements. They are known to have particularly high pressure, and therefore can be used to glue together metal or composite material. Frame presses are set up in such a way that during the pressing process, the time can be used for other follow-up tasks. For example, when a cabinet is mounted on the frame press, during the pressing process there is time to put nails in the wall. Modern frame presses are continually being developed. Thereby, new technologies and new materials for the further development of light, flexible and efficient frame presses are being developed. Mobile and flexible frame presses produce products to the same quality level as stationary frame pressed.

The leading frame press companies are BARTH, MAWEG, HESS BLUM UND PARTNER GmbH and ABL SYSTEMS