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Automatic glue spreading machines for coating & gluing wood
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MELTEX DG 21-1 Glue Applicator
Czech Republic, 332 02 Stary Plzenec
MELTEX DG 21-1 Glue Applicator

The glue spreader machine (glue application machine) belongs to the simple types of woodworking machinery.. For glue application, the workpiece is passed between two rollers - pressure rollers and application rollers - and coated with glue over the entire surface, whereby other fluids (paint, oil, wax, etc.) can be applied in addition to the adhesive. Industrial glue spreader machines with large working widths are often part of a gluing line where different machines are combined. Also the plastic industry uses glue spreader machines which you can find at Surplex. These include premium used machines with a recent year of manufacture, e.g. from HYMMEN, OMMA or BÜRKLE.


A glue spreader machine is used to extensively moisten semi-finished products, which are usually in the form of panels or beams, with liquid adhesive materials. The name “glue spreader” arises from the time when these machines were invented to glue timber together. In addition to adhesives, other fluids, such as lacquer or PTFE coating, can also be applied to semi-finished products using the glue spreader. Wood gluing machines are widely used by blockboard, plywood, and woodwork production companies for uniform spreading of glue on the veneer, as a part of the surface engineering process. Its rubber glue rollers contain double ball-bearing brackets and can be adjusted according to specific needs. The glue spreader machine also contains a stainless steel tray for the collection of the excess amount of glue.

  • Glue spreaders are simple machines
  • The majority of glue spreaders are found in the wood and chipboard industry
  • Glue spreaders are not a challenging machine to operate
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The majority of glue spreaders have found their application in the wood and chipboard industry. These glue spreader machines are used to glue panels together to make multi-layered beams as well as for veneer technology coating of chipboards and MDF panels. A glue spreading machine can also be used in the processing of plastic; for instance, Polyethylene boards and GRP plates can be coated with adhesives, varnishes or other fluids using a glue application machine.

A glue application machine is not a challenging machine to operate. There has to be a worker present for the set-up of the pressure level and speed. Since glue spreaders have been associated with certain negative health impacts, as the fluids they use often contain solvents (for example, adhesives or varnish) that can be hazardous to one's health, it is recommended to install an exhaust extraction system as a gluing machine accessory.

The rollers can also pose a hazard, as they could inflict injury, so it is important to read the safety instructions before any work is done with a wood gluing machine. Cleaning a glue spreading machine requires a lot of effort and it should be done on a regular, often daily, basis and no part of the gluing machine should be neglected. Leftovers and dried up fluids can very quickly make the glue spreader unusable. Safety measures must also be taken during the cleaning of the industrial gluing machine, as cleaning products are often very strong. Personal protection should be worn, with relation to the fluid that is being cleaned.

Some of the most renowned manufacturers of glue spreader machines: BARBERAN, FRIZ, FIN, HYMMEN, OTT and OSAMA. Double-sided veneer glue spreaders are available from FISCHER + RUECKLE. One can regularly find a quality gluing machine for sale manufactured by those and other well-known suppliers in our numerous industrial auctions as well as on our regular second-hand machinery page at a competitive price. Should you have any additional questions or requests, please feel free to contact our team at Surplex Customer Care. We also recommend visiting our website regularly, as our industrial machinery offer is constantly updated, and subscribing to our newsletter in order not to miss any special deals on second hand gluing machines.