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Lathes for large pistons, camshafts, crankshafts, etc.
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Heavy duty lathes are bigger than any other kind of lathe, like centre lathes or common ones. All its construction pieces are larger and more robust, for example the spindle bore, the turning diameter, the distance between centres or the workpiece length. For this reason, this special type of lathe (whether conventional or CNC) can accurately work on big workpieces with a weight of several tonnes, such as crankshafts for a marine diesel engine, reels and coilers for rolling mills and other big workpieces. You will find used heavy duty lathes and other lathes for a keen price at Surplex, your expert in used machine tools.

A lathe is a stationary tool for the machine production of rotationally symmetric workpieces. Heavy duty lathes are a special type of lathe. As opposed to small and medium-format lathes, heavy duty lathes can process components weighing up to several tons. Applications include pistons, camshafts and crankshafts for diesel ship engines, coilers for rolling mills, and hydraulic pistons for high-performance linear motors.

  • Special type of lathe
  • Processes components weighing several tons
  • Heavy duty lathe integrates into tool assembly
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The principle behind heavy duty lathes is no different from that of table lathes. A workpiece is mounted between a headstock and a tailstock, and an electric motor brings it into a constant rotation speed, where it is processed using a tool attached to the carriage. With a CNC heavy duty lathe, the process is no longer manual, but rather predetermined by a program.

SEFAC Heavy duty lathe in use

The dimensions of heavy duty lathes require certain adjustments: depending on the size, shape, and type of the workpiece being processed, it is possible to install support bearings on the lathe in order to prevent the workpiece from bending or slacking. In addition, the chips produced by heavy duty lathes are generally larger, hotter, and faster than those from smaller hand-operated machines.

This is why heavy duty lathes are generally very thoroughly encapsulated and enclosed. Open heavy duty lathes are therefore only permissible for particularly soft materials or slow rotation speeds. This also makes maintenance and in particular cleaning more difficult. Heavy duty lathes are not appropriate tools for inexperienced operators. For table-top lathes, a course in basic machining may be enough to achieve usable results. However, when dealing with heavy duty lathes, both the machines and the workpieces are much more expensive, so their use is restricted to experienced and specially trained operators.

A heavy duty lathe is not a stand-alone machine. It must be incorporated into an existing tool assembly. The most important thing for heavy duty lathe operation is an appropriately sized indoor crane. Alternatively, or in addition, a high-performance forklift can also be used. In that case, it should be ensured that there is enough room for the industrial truck to move freely before the heavy duty lathe is set up. It must always be ensured that the workpieces for fabrication on the heavy duty lathe can be securely and precisely mounted and dismounted. Furthermore, an ample power supply and large enough tanks for cooling lubricant are needed for the operation of the heavy duty lathe.

The leading traditional manufacturers of heavy duty lathes are WALDRICH, ROTTLER, and HERKULES. Recently, many Chinese manufacturers have also appeared on the market. The most well-known names among them are SHENYANG and WUXI WHITE EAGLE. Spain has also established itself as a home to competent heavy duty lathe manufacturers. The largest providers here are METALURGICA TORRENT, GORATU MAQUINAS HERRAMIENTA, and DANOBAT.

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