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For grinding the internal surfaces of cylindrical workpieces
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Internal Grinding Machine
Germany, 46149 Oberhausen
Internal Grinding Machine

strong>Internal grinding machines (or: internal cylindrical grinding machines) grant a precise cut in the internal surface of boreholes, rolling bearings, cylinders, etc.. This special form of grinding machine usually has a turning spindle. In both, external and internal cylindrical grinding, two different grinding methods can be distinguished: longitudinal and transverse. Internal grinding machines are widely used in the series production sector. A specific category, known as universal machines, is commonly used because of its capacity to perform internal and external grinding simultaneously. At Surplex you will find used internal grinding machines (whether CNC or conventional ones) from leading manufacturers such as VOUMARD, STUDER, etc.- high quality at fair prices!

The internal grinding machine processes the interior surface of cylindrical elements. The common term internal cylindrical grinding machine further delineates the machine's function. External cylindrical grinding machines with an interior grinding appliance are also available, allowing pieces to be worked in a single clamping operation and, for example, external bearings and the correspondent internal shaft seat to be exactly centered to one another. Both conventional and CNC internal grinders are available. Internal grinders typically have a grinding spindle with various pivoting positions.
  • Processing the interior surface of cylindrical workpieces
  • Pivoting grinding spindle
  • Precision within 1/100 mm
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The basic structure of the internal grinder consists of a robust main framework, designed for low vibration, which supports all the other machine components. The spindle shaft with the main spindle propels the workpiece, which is fixed with either magnetic or conventional clamps, or a clamping sleeve. The grinding spindle propels the grinding body and swivels on a skid to adjust the material removal. Most CNC internal grinding machines possess collision control. The internal grinder operates both dry, or with appropriate cooling. Cooling eases the removal of the milling waste, improving the accuracy of the surface. The precision of this machine within hundredths of a millimeter, allowing fittings to be produced without a problem.

In general, the first grinding machines were operated by hand or foot. True internal grinders first appeared in the 1900s, as industrialization necessitated the precise working of case-hardened interior surfaces. Machine technology steadily improved, and with the development of computers, the step to CNC-controlled internal grinders was not far off. These highly productive machines constantly measure the actual and target value of the workpieces. Wear on the tool through natural dressing during the working process, or through a special diamond-headed dresser is constantly automatically monitored in modern machines. The repetitional accuracy in the mass production process is also monitored. In Germany, the first grinding machine appeared around the beginning of the thirties. The beginning of the eighties brought the first CNC-controlled grinding machine, and by the end of the eighties the first grinder with 5-axel control hit the market. Modern machines offer high performance in less space.

Specially for the working of case-hardened cylindrical elements such as bearing yokes, guide bushing for extractors in mold and die making, and similar elements. Simultaneous interior and exterior working is also possible with universal machines. This shortens the cycle time and improves the precision of the correspondence between surfaces. The internal grinder enables high-precision work past the point where a lathe hits its limits.

Several companies have specialised in the manufacturing of internal grinders. Some of the most recommended suppliers include WMW, UVA, VOUMARD, KELLENBERGER, ABA, and HAAS.
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