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For regrinding planer knives, shears & tools
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DAREX Drill Sharpener

Industrial knives are used in a wide range of sectors, including metalworking, woodworking, printing, plastics processing and many others. After they are manufactured, the knives must be sharpened with special grinding machines and later regularly reground without wearing out. Only sharp and resistant blades allow an optimal cutting result. Depending on the knife type, different knife grinding machines are used, as, for instance, grinding machines for long knives, round machine cutters, straight knives, etc. An efficient knife grinding machine can be bought as used without hesitation. And one place where to do so is at Surplex, the auction house for used industrial machinery.

Cutting knives are used in a large variety of industrial sectors. In the woodworking industry, planing knives of various lengths are required. Circular knives are used in other industrial sectors, like the paper and metalworking industries. There are also machine knives and profile knives. After a certain amount of time, tools need to be ground. Some companies can provide this as a special service.

  • Used to grind worn blades
  • Used in the production of knives and scissors
  • Mainly used in the woodworking industry
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However, if one requires a high number of knives to be ground, it is useful to buy a machine and stay independent from the grinding shops. Knife grinding machines are machine tools that sharpen knives using grinding wheels. It is important to make sure that the knives do not wear out by the grinding process, and thereby soften the tool steel. Using these machines to grind knives does require a certain amount of experience.

Particularly long planing knives need to be clamped in along their whole length and can be moved along the grinding wheel using a mobile carriage. This prevents the planing knives to be worn and ensures that the cut surfaces maintain their sharpness. This guarantees the tools create a clean cut in the processed material. A further use of this machine is to manufacture knives and scissors. After these products are manufactured, they are finished by being ground.

Basically, all knife grinding machines contain a clamp to hold in the knife. Furthermore, a grinding head is available, which can house grinding wheels of various grain sizes and diameters. The grinding wheels are operated by an electric motor and have a high rotation speed. A large part of the machine is equipped with a cooling device. This cooling device prevents the cutters from overheating during the grinding process.

The main use of knife grinding machines is in the wood industry; planer knives are most commonly used in this setting. A thicknesser and a surface planer are usually used to produce a smooth surface. There are commonly 2 to 4 planer knives fixed into the knife shaft.

In metalworking processes, circular blades are usually used to cut thin sheet metal. Circular blades are used to produce curved cuts. The paper printing industry requires very sharp knives to cut stacks of paper, for example, with blocks or books. Furthermore, knife grinding machines are commonly used in small workshops, where knives and scissors need to be ground.

Several companies have specialised in manufacturing knife grinding machines. Some of the most recommended suppliers include MACO, REFORM, GUSTAV GÖCKEL, HERMANN WIEGAND, KNECHT MASCHINENBAU, DISKUS WERKE, HÖCHSMANN, ASTOR SCHNEIDWERKZEUGE, BE MASCHINENMESSER, HAGEDORN and H.W. HEITMANN MASCHINENBAU.