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EV ELIO VALERI Lathe for Wood
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1,400 €
16/01/2019 10:07
SAFOP FC 72 M Lathe for metal
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300 €
17/01/2019 10:14
Wood turning leathes
Wood turning leathes
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110 €
17/01/2019 11:30


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  1. Lathes in the woodworking industry
  2. Fields of application for wood lathes
  3. Overview of wood lathe manufacturers
Second-hand wood lathe in a workshop

Lathes in the woodworking industry

The field of woodworking is home to a range of specialist lathes, which are often very different from metalworking lathes. The wood lathe machine is the most well-known and involves guiding the tool by hand. In industry, turned wood parts are created in large numbers, which means it is necessary to use automated or semi-automatic woodworking lathes. There are distinctions between the types of wood lathe machine used: CNC wood lathes, lathes with cycle control, and copying lathes.

The fully-automated scantling lathe is well suited to producing ball shapes, furniture knobs, toys and other cylindrical rotary components made of wood. When combined with a magazine, the materials are fed in automatically. These types of machine are capable of producing between 180 and 1500 parts per minute and are thus ideally suited to industrial-scale production. The electronic controls are easy to use and an electronic drive enables rapid, exact feed movements.

  • Tool is mostly guided by hand
  • Automated lathes are used for large volumes
  • Higher requirements of small cylindrical parts in woodworking
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The copying lathe, on the other hand, is in fact a milling machine. Hard metal copying machines work at speeds of around 3500 RPM, which makes it possible to produce an outstanding surface quality even on soft woods. An electronic milling spindle brake is commonly equipped. The highly precise spindle bearing and robust, low-vibration machine bed make it possible to achieve high cutting speeds.

Fields of application for wood lathes

It is first and foremost the woodturning industry which requires small cylindrical parts.

HEMPEL Lathe in operation

The toy industry is another area where wood is often used. Wood lathes are required for the serial production of these types of items and they must meet the special requirements of woodworking. Cycle-controlled lathe machines are also available in addition to copying lathes and use a template to produce the same parts in large numbers. These cycle-controlled lathes operate using mechanical stops, various cam discs or other controls to create perfectly formed workpieces. CNC wood lathes are also used for mass producing wooden items and they enable a wide variety of woods to be processed in large quantities. The advantage of wood CNC lathes is their high level of flexibility and the ability to produce a varied range of parts. Transverse copying machines enable you to create wooden shells, rosettes and discs. These machines have a cross support just like CNC wood turning lathes. More conventional models can also be found in addition to these complex variants, which have the appearance of a metalworking lathe with gears, cross slides towards the tool holder and tailstock to enable the processing of parts between the tips of the machine. The production of furniture knobs in a wide variety of shapes is one key application of a CNC wood lathe.

Detail of a second-hand wood lathe

Overview of wood lathe manufacturers

A selection of companies have focussed on manufacturing wood lathes. These include prestigious manufacturers, such as KILLINGER, GRIGGIO, COMEV, FULPOW, HMW HOLZDREHTECHNIK, WEILER and HESTIKA. Used wood lathes from these manufacturers are amply represented on the second-hand market and come highly recommended despite their used condition. So, you would like to buy a used wood turning lathe? You’ve come to right place! Used woodworking lathes frequently feature in our online industrial auctions and can be acquired at attractive prices. The used wood lathes for sale are predominantly in a good or excellent condition. The Surplex Customer Care Team will be glad to answer any questions you have on the deals available. You should also consider subscribing to our newsletter to ensure you never miss the chance to buy a suitable second-hand woodworking lathe machine.

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