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Long Belt Sanders

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MABO LL Long Belt Grinding Machine
Bad Sooden-All…
13 Bids
260 €
JOHANNSEN T 82-K Long-Belt Sander
1 Bid
250 €
BÄUERLE Long-Belt Sander
2 Bids
190 €
HEESEMANN Long Belt Sander
6 Bids
180 €
PRIMULTINI Long Belt Grinding Machine
Corciano (PG)
0 Bids
150 €
HEESEMANN Long Belt Grinding Machine
1 Bid
150 €
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  1. The sander for large wood panels
  2. A principle that has been proven over decades
  3. It is present in almost every workshop
  4. Used machines with a long working life
Used long belt sander front view

The sander for large wood panels

The long belt sander is made out of a stationary work table, that is adjustable horizontally and in terms of its height. It contains one or two sanding belts that span over at least two rollers. The sanding belts are about 7-8m long and a width of about 15cm. The sanding belt is pressed onto the workpiece either manually or using compressed air and then moved back and forth. Long belt sanders are used for the processing of wood surfaces and panels in the woodworking industry.
  • The most common machine in workshops
  • Sanding of panels, blocks and planks
  • Stationary work table with one or two sanding belts
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Machines with two parallel running belts are called double belt sanders and used for the pre-sanding and the final touches. Some long belt sanders are equipped with spraying equipment and are suitable for the wet sanding of plastic and paint.

A principle that has been proven over decades

The basic principle of this machine has hardly changed in the last decades. The average age of these machines is double that of any other machines in the woodworking industry. Up to the end of the last century, long belt sanders were regularly fitted with an integrated ventilator to get rid of dust. Today a single extraction unit is used in conjunction with a capture hood, which has proven to be just as effective on larger panels. An additional extraction unit is placed by the sanding pad in order to remove any excess dust.

SANDINGMASTER Long belt sander in use

It is present in almost every workshop

In addition to the table saw, the long belt sander is one of the most common machines found in a workshop. Sanders are almost exclusively used for the sanding of panels and blocks. Planks and frames can also be processed using these machines. Even though the wide belt sander has become increasingly popular, the long belt sander is still irreplaceable. Therefore, long belt sanders are rarely discarded.

Used machines with a long working life

One can find machines from manufacturers such as JOHANNSEN, BÜRKLE and HÖFER at Surplex.com. The long working life of these sanders guarantees continually reliable work even after a decade, and they are particularly suited to working with large wood panels.

Used long belt sander general view of workspace
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