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Measuring and Marking Plates

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  1. Plates for measuring and marking in industry
  2. Applications and examples of measuring and marking plates
  3. Suppliers of plates for measuring and marking
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Plates for measuring and marking in industry

Plates for measuring and marking are primarily used in industry. They can be found either directly on the machine or in specialised measuring rooms, where ideal temperature and humidity conditions are maintained. Measuring and marking plates must be used together with the corresponding measuring instruments and marking tools.
  • Used on machines or in specialised measuring rooms
  • Requires corresponding measuring instruments
  • Using for measuring height and length
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The plates are either placed on a table or on a frame, upon which they can be laid securely. Marking and measuring plates are made out of high quality granite, hard stone or cast iron. These materials can sustain minor damage and still remain level. No bulges develop around the damaged area and the surface maintains its evenness. Support tables are optimally produced with three legs to avoid wobbling. Various aids must clamp and secure the workpiece when using measuring plates. The measuring itself is done by a toolmaker's microscope or other specialised measuring instruments. With the proper comparison measurements, measuring plates enable the detection of discrepancies up to 1/1000mm. Application as a marking plate enables marking brackets and try angles as well as scribers and height gauges.
Used measuring and marking plate
Marking tables are often equipped with 3-axel driven marking machines. An axial measurement system is typical, facilitating the proper setting of the marking machine.

Applications and examples of measuring and marking plates

Measuring and marking plates are necessary for the measurement of the height and length of a workpiece, and for monitoring, which is done through the comparison with known measurements. Marking plates can be applied anywhere where workpieces must be marked for further machining. The level surface of these plates guarantees high accuracy when working together with a height gauge, as well as repetitive accuracy and consistency. When working with a height gauge, it is important that the plate and the foot are clean to avoid inaccuracies. An example of a typical marking plate application is in marking polished and case hardened workpieces with a diamond scribe. Normal workpieces can be marked with the help of a compass or a height gauge. During further machining, the marks in the material are easy to recognise.

Suppliers of plates for measuring and marking

Several firms have focussed on the production of measuring and marking plates. Recommendable brands include MITUTOYO, MAHR, MOORE & WRIGHT, MICROPLAN, STOLLE, STARRETT, BOCCHI, METROLOGY, BATY, JOHANN and FISCHER.

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