Metal Cutting Machines

Reliable saws for burr-free severing of metal
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WEGOMA GS 126P Cut-off saw
Netherlands, 6045 JE Roermond
WEGOMA GS 126P Cut-off saw
FAMUP TCS PU DA Drill cutter
Croatia, 40306 Gornji Hrašćan
FAMUP TCS PU DA Drill cutter
SIEMENS GRAFITE OPEN ELETRICA 450 TU Double Head Cutting Machine

Cutting machines cover all machined or sawing motions that cut through material. They.are devices which are used to effectively cut metal workpieces, and are mostly commonly a Saw or lathe cutter, however there are a wide and varied selection of cutters available. Cutting machines have the advantage of avoiding burrs in freshly cut hard material, and also do not distort and crush softer materials. They are available as either portable machines, or larger, stationary machines.

  • Cutting machine for separating solid materials
  • Available as either a hand-held or stationary machine
  • A wide range of models for various applications
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Hand machines range from small pendulum jigsaws and angle grinders all the way up to stone saws with an internal combustion engine. The blade can be either stone or metal, depending on the necessary requirements. The simplest devices are basically just a hand held cutting device, positioned in a holder with some kind of clamp. Crosscut saws are simple cutting machines that allow the safe and easy processing of wood. Larger machines consist of a rotating wheel that is powered electrically by a motor, and can be used for road paving. Cutting machines are required to achieve a high level of accuracy at high speeds, and to also be extremely durable. Adjustable in both speed and cutting force, they are highly flexible and therefore able to cut and process a large variety of materials of different thicknesses.

Cutting Machines usually have a self-operated serrated blade, with the serrations being necessary for the cutting, or part of a larger automated device. The blade cuts through the metal workpiece powered either manually, or by electricity, steam or hydraulics. The blade is either secured to a frame, or has two handles to facilitate easy movement. A two handed saw, for example, can operate as a result of pushing or pulling, and sometimes uses both of these cycles simultaneously.

There are two different kinds of saws. Band saws are used to cut both easy and hard-to-machine workpieces, such as aluminium, steel, stainless steel and nickel alloys. Other kinds of saws are used mainly for soft materials and are mostly used in construction and roadworks industry. Large machines in particular are used for roadworks, and also by the emergency services. Dividing machines with two-stroke engines used by the emergency services are optionally equipped with a stone or metal blade, and these powerful machines are used for cutting into the metal of crashed vehicles. Usually used in heavy industry and large-scale production operations, stationary machines are housed in large containers, providing protection to employees from offcuts and flying shrapnel.

It is essential that trained staff should clean and maintain the machines, as they need to be handled with care in order to avoid damaging any expensive components. In the stationary units, cooling lubricant is recommended. Equipped with sensors and feeds cutting machines can achieve a high degree of automation. Rippers can be combined with industrial robots and automated transport systems.

There are a wide range of brands who producing cutting machines including BOSCH, METABO, DEWALT and ELU, while industrial cutting machines are also sold by ATM, PETSCHAUER, DREISTERN, PRESI and HERAEUS KULZER.