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  1. Metal spinning machines in the industrial production
  2. Areas of application and examples of metal spinning machines
  3. Overview of the manufacturers of metal spinning machines
Used metal spinning machine in a factory

Metal spinning machines in the industrial production

High-end metal spinning machines are used for various tasks during the industrial production of components. They are used to manufacture, for example, wheel rims, light fixtures, components for airplane turbines, household goods and musical woodwind instruments. These machines are available as conventional machines or with CNC control. These machines generally consist of a machine frame, which hosts all the other components like the headstock and the pressure unit. The headstock is equipped with low-vibration bearings, to soak up the pressure created during the forming process.
  • Chipless forming using high pressure
  • Can be applied in a variety of settings
  • Available as a conventional machine, or with CNC control
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A copying device is available to ensure that the produced components can be repeatedly manufactured with a high level of accuracy. Viscosity-dependent machines, used to control the speed, are commonly used for hydraulically-powered copying devices. These machines are suited for the mass production of workpieces. metal spinning machines are available as horizontal or vertical machines. The biggest machines of this kind are produced in Germany and weigh up to 200 tonnes. 3D CAD systems are used to ensure good programming and the implementing models of the components. These machines undertake a variety of tasks: printing; flow forming; drawing; and profiling.

Areas of application and examples of metal spinning machines

Closeup on a used metal spinning machine
This machine technology can be applied in a large range of areas. Industry branches like the automobile industry, construction industry, lighting industry, chemical industry, aeronautics industry, household goods industries, ventilation industry, machine construction, music industry and packaging industries use this technology and these machine tools to economically mass produce components. These machines are used to produce rotationally symmetric, hollow components like lamp components, frying pans, pots, various conical funnels, urns, kettles, milk cans, and components for rockets and airplanes. One example is the production of lamp shades, often used in kitchens as a hanging lamp. These lamp shades are conically produced, and their shape is based on a model that is used during the copying process. This is how a high level of repeat accuracy is achieved. The forming process is chipless and creates a lot of pressure on the flow forming machine. The workpieces are taken out of the machine and placed into the machine fully automatically. Workers are only required to prepare the materials, transport finished components away, and for monitoring and quality control.

A further area of application is the production of turbine components for airplanes or rockets. A cylindrically formed hollow body can be transformed into the desired conical or oval shape using a flow forming machine. This is done via the flow forming device on the machine, which processes the slowly rotating, stably attached workpiece. The finished component only needs to be deburred which, on some of these machines, can be done while the workpiece is still clamped in.
Detail of a used metal spinning machine

Overview of the manufacturers of metal spinning machines

The following companies are successful manufacturers of metal spinning machines: WF-MASCHINENBAU, LEIFELD METALL SPINNING AG, REPKON, MJC ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGIE, FONTIJNE GROTNES and DENN.
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