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Machines for the efficient processing of cylindrical hollow bodies
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BRUNNER DCS2-000 Drum Rotary Machine

Metal spinning machines are very popular since this type of cold forming is considered a particularly flexible and material-friendly method. Flow- and shear-forming is in some the most cost-effective alternative to deep drawing. The metal spinning machine uses CNC-controlled rollers to shape the workpiece so that the external and internal geometry is formed in a single operation. The results are seamless hollow workpieces as well as spherical and conical parts, such as those used in automotive engineering, aviation, aerospace and other industrial sectors. You will find top used metal spinning machines at Surplex.

Metal spinning machines carry out the processes known as spin forming, metal turning and metal spinning. A metal spinning machine works by rotating a metal disc or tube at high speed. The result of the spin forming process is an axially symmetric part that can be used in a wide range of manufacturing processes. The earliest metal spinning machines were operated by hand; however, modern metal spinning machinery is operated by a CNC lathe. Companies of all sizes are able to slash the cost of production by introducing used metal spinning machines into their operations.

  • Chipless forming using high pressure
  • Can be applied in a variety of settings
  • Available as a conventional machine, or with CNC control
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A block is mounted on the drive of a lathe. A metal disc is then locked into place against the block with a pressure pad, which is attached to a tailstock. The workpiece and the block are then rotated together at high speeds. Force is applied to the workpiece which forces it to ‘flow’ over the block. This process is known as flow forming. Complex pieces can be created with the use of a multi-piece block.

Most machines consist of a main frame that houses a selection of essential components, including the pressure unit and the headstock. Excess pressure is soaked up by low-vibration bearings during the process. With a precise design and a list of programme instructions, a CNC metal spinning machine can create thousands of identical component parts every week.

A metal spinning machine can be used to make industrial parts or artistic items. The ability to carry out chipless forming enables manufacturers to create incredibly complex items quickly and efficiently. Dozens of everyday products are now made with the help of a flow forming machine, including woodwind instruments, wheel rims, light fixtures, components for aeroplane turbines and various household goods. Large-scale operations can produce hundreds of products every day using a CNC spinning machine, which relies on a computer program for its movements and settings.

A modern sheet metal spinning machine equipped with the latest technology is capable of creating thousands of identical components and products. Mass production of workpieces is possible because of hydraulically-powered copying devices. Available in vertical and horizontal versions, a spin forming machine can be adapted to various production programmes with the help of 3D CAD systems. A modern sheet metal spinning machine is capable of performing several tasks, including drawing, profiling, printing and flow forming.

Both new and used metal spinning machines are being used in the large-scale manufacturing of several everyday items. Several metals can be formed in these machines. For example, drinks cans can be produced in an aluminium spinning machine. The latest forming technology is also used in the lighting, chemical, construction and aeronautics industries.

Many smaller businesses have been able to compete with much larger competitors because workpieces can be loaded and unloaded automatically. And the purchase of a used metal spinning machine significantly reduces capital expenditure.

If you’re looking to buy a used metal spinning machine to save your business money, Surplex could have exactly what you need. We are constantly sourcing used machinery from many leading metal spinning machine manufacturers, including LEIFELD METALL SPINNING AG, REPKON, MJC ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGIE and FONTIJNE GROTNES.

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