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Mitre saws are used to cut wood. They are circular saws with a mobile saw blade which has to be lowered in order to cut the material. If they have a swiveling saw head, what allows making mitre cuts, then it is a basic mitre saw. If it can be horizontally moved, allowing a wider cutting width, then it is a sliding mitre saw. They come in all sizes, including circular table saws and fully automatic industrial cross cut systems. You will find the used saw you need for a keen price at Surplex.

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REINHARDT SLIM LINE SLVR Optimization Cross-cut Saw Line
3 Bids
7,250 €
Hot lot
HOLTEC ES 121/SHK H Package Cross-Cut System / Stihl
11 Bids
6,600 €
08/01/2019 10:32
1 Bid
1,700 €
10/01/2019 10:24
DÜSPOHL DGK 400 B Double Head Mitre Saw
5 Bids
760 €
Hot lot
JRION UKS-600 Underfloor Saw
17 Bids
620 €
08/01/2019 10:04
OMGA BA 526 Double Mitre Saw for Beads
San Pedro de B…
3 Bids
320 €
BÄUERLE PKS 100 Pendulum Crosscut Saw
3 Bids
290 €
08/01/2019 10:35
STROMAB H 7182 SE Radial Pit Saw
4 Bids
220 €
08/01/2019 10:30
ELU RAS 1253 Mitre Saw
0 Bids
200 €
19/12/2018 11:02
ELU TSG 172 wood-cutting saw
0 Bids
120 €
21/01/2019 12:21
0 Bids
100 €
16/01/2019 11:32
STAYER SC 250/B Mitre Saw
Sesto Calende
0 Bids
65 €
17/01/2019 11:22
Carugo (CO)
0 Bids
20 €
17/01/2019 10:39


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  1. Various compound mitre saws for various fields of application
  2. From the simple mitre saw to the industrial circular saw
  3. Applications from the home workshop to large industrial enterprise
  4. Overview of mitre saw producers
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Various compound mitre saws for various fields of application

Mitre saw refers to a circular saw with a moveable saw blade. The saw blade is lowered down onto the wood from above. Parquet mitre saws are sword saws which serve to divide large pieces of lumber into shorter pieces or to cut a whole bundle of wood to the same length.
  • Terms for mitre saws with moveable saw blades
  • Various private and industrial applications
  • Primarily employed in furniture and window production
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Chainsaws are used for cutting long, curved tree trunks. Mitre saws are circular saws in which the cutting angle can be changed by tilting the saw blade. This allows for the trimming of workpieces to be joined at a 45 degree angle. Mitre saws are available in various sizes. The possible applications of the small models are very limited. Larger models, in contrast, are as widely applicable as stationary circular saws. Table mitre saws are powerful industrial circular saws with a standing machine framework. Modern cross-cutting systems are high-performance automatons that optimally utilize the raw materials with minimal cutting by making use of electronic length measurements.

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From the simple mitre saw to the industrial circular saw

In 1877, George Ott invented a simple mitre saw which was attached to a mounting bracket and operated by hand. The basic chop saw is a simple evolution of the table saw. These two principles are combined in modern mitre saws. Meanwhile, very large and fully automatic mitre saws are employed in industry. Due to the high potential for danger during the operation of a mitre saw, safety is at the fore, especially in the use of large, powerful industrial mitre saws. Two-handed operation is required, and protective shields serve the prevention of accidents.

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Applications from the home workshop to large industrial enterprise

The applications of the mitre saw are widely varied and range from private home use to industry. Mitre saws are used by handymen as well as craftsmen. Their strength lies in the exact cutting of angles. They are therefore employed in the production of picture frames. Large mitre saws are used in the field of industrial carpentry. Tablesaws and chopsaws were developed for the industrial sector. Table saws are employed in the classic fields of lumber milling, carpentry and furniture-making. Cross-cutting systems serve the production of parquet, pallets and boxes, as well as furniture and window production.

Overview of mitre saw producers

Some firms have focussed on the production of mitre saws. This includes especially established brands such as GREULE and ELU.

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