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AC HYDRAULIC A/S WN 11 Workshop crane

A gantry crane is a special lifting device that is used to transport and stack loads within a specific area. Depending on the size, gantry cranes can be operated manually or electronically. There are several different variations of gantry cranes, including the portal crane, bridge crane, full gantry crane, portable gantry crane, etc.

  • A gantry crane consists of two stabilising feet that are attached at a right angle by a runway
  • Depending on the size, a gantry crane can be operated manually or electronically
  • The biggest advantage of an gantry crane is the large amount of space it can cover
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Gantry cranes have found their place in the marine industry, as large multi-story structures often used at container terminals to load containers onto and off cargo ships. Such cranes can vary from these enormous "full" gantry cranes (used to lift extremely heavy loads) to small shop cranes (used for minor tasks like lifting engines out of automobiles). This type of a gantry crane is also known as “portal crane”, the "portal" representing that empty space straddled by the gantry. The terms gantry crane and bridge crane are often used interchangeably since both straddle their workload, but the distinction is usually found in the fact that with gantry cranes the entire structure is usually wheeled, while with a bridge crane the supporting structure is fixed in location. A mobile gantry crane provides the advantage of ensuring a flexible working environment.

A gantry crane consists of two stabilising feet that are attached at a right angle by a runway. If the crane consists of parallel runways with a traveling bridge that spans along the runway and can be manually or electronically operated, it is called a bridge crane. In that case, the hoist motor, pulley and lifting hook are all attached to the travelling bridge. With their large construction, such cranes can cover huge working areas.

The biggest advantage of using a gantry crane is the large amount of space it can cover. The gantry crane can reach every point of a rectangular workspace which is covered by its runway. The second advantage is its enduring stability; a load cannot leave the gantry crane's centre of gravitation while being transported, and therefore it will not overturn. The third advantage is its large hoisting capacity, especially in relation to jib cranes of the same size. This is due to the distribution of weight between the support points, which are relatively far apart. These three points outline why a gantry crane is superior to the jib crane. The disadvantages of gantry cranes are their size and their complex construction. Gantry cranes also require an axial freedom of movement. As the runway cannot move diagonally across the room, only linear paths of movement (and therefore restricted transport of loads) are possible. Therefore, gantry cranes are used as whole-room cranes and cannot, unlike jib cranes, be set up on one specific point.

Damages to the entire machine could occur if items are placed in the path of the runway. When the crane reaches a certain size, tracks are built into the gantry crane to increase its stability and to clearly mark the path where the load is to be transported. The components of all gantry cranes, regardless of their dimensions, must be made with high-end material and have a high production quality. The drive motors for the supports are particularly important: they have to be synchronised; otherwise, the crane could jam. For the operation of a gantry crane, it is important to be vigilant and adhere to the safety regulations. The biggest gantry cranes are operated from a driver's cabin, where it is required to have a crane operating license.

Gantry cranes are available in a large variety of sizes. Well-known providers of small to medium sized cranes are:

Heavy duty cranes with driver cabin operated systems are available from ADC, SANY, TEREX and EDEN TECHNOLOGY. Self-operated container cranes are available from: ASCOM, TRACTA and SHUTTLELIFT. Quality used gantry cranes and portal cranes for sale are often available in numerous industrial auctions at Surplex.com. In order not to miss any special offers in the future, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter. We also recommend to visit our page regularly as we update our offer of used machines very often.