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Panel Saws & Angular Plant Machinery

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  1. Explanation of the term "angular plant"
  2. Areas of application for the angular plant
  3. Function of an angular plant
  4. Working with an angular plant
  5. Suppliers of angular plants
Used panel saw and angular plant 01

Explanation of the term "angular plant"

An angular plant is a piece of production equipment used to process beams and chipboards. A large amount of raw material and finished products can be processed using an angular plant. It is a transportation and positioning system that can put the pre-processed products in the required position for the panel saw or the beam milling machine.
  • Production equipment for the processing of beams and panels
  • Transportation and positioning system
  • Use in window and furniture production
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Areas of application for the angular plant

An angular plant is used in the production of windows and furniture. The fabrication of doors (in mass production) can also be undertaken with this machine. Highly automatic angular plants are available. This is particularly useful for large plants. They are a useful tool to invest in, particularly in the supplying industry. A large purchase order quantity can be quickly and efficiently processed. The angular plant can produce continually high quality products due to its comprehensive sensor system and precise controlling unit.

HOLZMA Angular plant in use

Function of an angular plant

An angular plant is made out of several lift tables, conveyors, grippers and stops that are additionally fitted out with many sensors. These sensors react to pressure or when something is in close proximity. In this case they will stop the next operational step while the beams and panels are being fed through. This machine's first step is the stacking of the chipboard or beams. The turning, lifting and guiding of the workpieces to the processing point is all done through programming.

Working with an angular plant

An angular plant is a large production medium, which does not require any manual workers (besides for continual loading and supervision). The area surrounding an angular plant often has a high level of shavings and dust and therefore requires a lot of cleaning and maintenance. Solely trained and qualified staff should be allowed to undertake these tasks. An angular plant contains large metal levers, which move with a lot of power. The risk of injury associated with an angular plant is mainly if a worker falls in the way of one of the moving metal components. When buying a used angular plant it is important to note whether it contains complete documentation about its former use and its risks. Used panel saw and angular plant 02 This information can also be obtained from the manufacturer. The documentation should contain the concrete and specific risks that are associated with the operation of the angular plant and methods that can be used to avoid these risks.

Suppliers of angular plants

Angular plants are available in a variety of sizes and stages of development. Not every angular plant can position the pre-processed product into the desired position. Therefore, the spectrum of cost and power of a angular plant is very large. Recommended suppliers of angular plants are SCM, WEINIG, GUBISCH, STETON and KUPER.

Used panel saw and angular plant 03

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