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ERLO SPV Column drill with DRO
Santa Perpetua…
0 Bids
3,250 €
Hot lot
MONTAVOCI 40TCS Column Drill
31 Bids
1,100 €
12/04/2018 11:01
FLOTT 23 ST Column Drilling Machine
4 Bids
900 €
21/03/2018 15:53
Hot lot
BLUTHARDT Pillar or Column Drill
30 Bids
700 €
21/03/2018 13:04
ALZMETALL ABOMAT 20 Automatic Column Drilling Machine
0 Bids
450 €
09/04/2018 09:00
ADAM MC 23 Column Drilling Machine
0 Bids
380 €
10 - 32 Column Drilling Machine
0 Bids
380 €
Not started
Column Drill
Bedizzole (BS)
0 Bids
370 €
10/04/2018 13:53
Column Drill
Bedizzole (BS)
0 Bids
370 €
10/04/2018 13:54
SERRMAC F22 Column Drill
Seveso (MB)
1 Bid
350 €
06/04/2018 10:14
5 Bids
280 €
12/04/2018 10:34
BIMAK 13DA Column Drill
5 Bids
140 €
12/04/2018 11:24
SERRMAC FDR18 Column Drilling machine
6 Bids
128 €
13/04/2018 11:34
CASMAC RDM870F Column Drill
2 Bids
110 €
12/04/2018 10:12


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  1. Explanation of the terms ‘pillar drills and bench drills’
  2. Pillar drilling machines and bench drills - Design and method of operation
  3. Areas of application for pillar drill and bench drills
  4. What is a pillar drill used for?
  5. Buying used pillar drills and column drills
  6. Buying second-hand machinery risk-free?
  7. An overview of pillar and bench drill manufacturers
Used pillar or column drill detailed view

Explanation of the terms ‘pillar drills and bench drills’

A pillar drill or column drilling machine is rarely used to drill columns or pillars. The names given to these industrial machines, also known as column drills and bench drilling machines, are based on their design. A pillar or column drill is used to manually drill holes in metal panels, blocks, boards and woods. The bench drill is a standard tool to be found in every industrial operation. It is used for quick, small-scale processing jobs.

Pillar drilling machines and bench drills - Design and method of operation

How does a pillar drill work? The difference between pillar drills and column drills is that the former is a stand-alone piece of equipment while the latter is attached to a work table. Neither vary when it comes to design and working procedures. They both comprise a drilling head under which is attached a drill.

A small work table with fastening elements serves to hold the workpiece in place. The drilling procedure is initiated manually and a lever or hand wheel is used to move the drill towards the workpiece. A pillar or bench drill therefore drills in a downward direction. Pivoting movements are generally not possible when using such a table drilling machine.

  • Manually creation of holes in metal panels, blocks and boards
  • Standard tool in industrial operation
  • Used for quick, small-scale jobs
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Areas of application for pillar drill and bench drills

What is a pillar drill? What are the uses of pillar drilling machine? These types of drill are not normally used for serial production, but if they are, it is mostly for retouching. If the operator forgot to programme in a drill hole for a particular batch of parts, this can be performed retrospectively by a pillar or bench drilling machine. The deburring of untidy holes is also a frequent application for these manual machines. However, for serial production, automatic drilling machines are primarily used.

Second-hand column or pillar drill

What is a pillar drill used for?

Pillar drills, column drills and bench drills can be used by relatively untrained staff if they have been instructed accordingly. Working on a pillar drill or bench drill is very uncomplicated and requires only an understanding of safe working practices. One of the most important aspects is to ensure the workpiece is properly fixed in position. Wearing appropriate protective equipment is also crucial when using a column or pillar drill. Since drilling is essentially a cutting task, appropriate eye protection should also be worn. However, gloves should not be worn. Thorough safety training is thus required for all staff working on a pillar drilling machine or column drill.

Buying used pillar drills and column drills

Pillar drilling machines are used to drill precise countersunk holes in metal sheets, plates or blocks. These machines are highly precise and very safe to work on. Once the workpiece has been attach to the column drill’s work table, practically nothing can go wrong in the drilling procedure. A column/pillar drill only operates in one direction. This makes them very sturdy and long-lasting. They only have one moving axis - the Z-axis - which travels downwards. Column drills are operated by hand, which precludes excessively fast feeding. This makes used pillar drills very popular. The column drills available on the second-hand market - often industrial pillar drills - are snapped up very quickly by both private and professional users.

Buying second-hand machinery risk-free?

The simple design of pillar drills means these machines rarely exhibit more than minor wear and tear. However, defects in the electronics, drive, gears or guidance systems can make second-hand column drills unusable. As such, pillar drills for sale should be comprehensively checked before purchase, which is not always possible in the case of on-site second-hand purchases or auctions. A used pillar drilling machine is best purchased from a professional used machinery dealer.

Where to find a pillar drill for sale?

Surplex continually has a large selection of second-hand column drills on offer. From small table drilling machines, bench drilling machines through to large-scale pillar drills - you are sure to find the industrial machine you are looking for in the wide range on offer at Surplex. If you buy a second-hand pillar drill for sale at Surplex, you can rest assured that it will be safe and durable. Verified, cleaned and freshly serviced bench drills for sale are waiting for their new owners. Surplex only supplies pillar drilling machines from manufacturers known for their quality. We do not stock any cheap and flimsy machines - only the best in used pillar drilling machines, which are fit for industrial use are available from Surplex. The prices cannot be beaten either. Ideal for hobby carpenters, small-scale operations, start-ups and cost-conscious medium-sized companies: used bench drilling machines for sale from Surplex can quickly increase productivity and performance without needing to spend a great deal of money.

An overview of pillar and bench drill manufacturers

Column and pillar drills are some of the most widely industrial machines there are. They are also popular amongst private individuals thanks to their high level of precision. A selection of column drilling machine manufacturers have established a good reputation for their new and second-hand drills. Well-known, recommended manufacturers of column/pillar drills include: BLUTHARDT, ROEPERWERK MASCHINENBAU GMBH, RABOMA, CORDIA, WMW SAALFELD and WEBO. Machines made by ALZMETALL, IXION and OPTIMUM Säulen- & Ständerbohrmaschinen also come highly recommended thanks to the high-quality results they can produce. So, you would like to buy a used bench drill? Then Surplex is the right place to be. Our countless industrial auctions regularly feature high-quality used machinery. If the right equipment is not available at the moment, please visit us again in the near future. You can also contact Surplex Customer Care. A dedicated team member will be on hand to provide information and advice.

Used pillar or column drill
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