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Various piston compressors for industrial use

Piston compressors are the most common kind of compressor for compressing gases. The intake gas (e.g. air) is compressed in the cylinder by the connecting rod and pistons, then it is freed from moisture in the refrigeration dryer and finally it is stored in the compressed air tank. Now this energy can be used in different areas, like for example steel construction: spray guns apply manually or automatically a rust prevention coat on the pieces that are ready. The required compressed air for this is provided by the piston compressor. At Surplex you will find used compressors from leading manufacturers such as KAESER, ATLAS COPCO or BOGE.

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  1. Using piston compressors in industry
  2. History, development and background of the piston compressor
  3. Areas of application and examples of piston compressors
  4. Brands and manufacturers of piston compressors
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Using piston compressors in industry

Piston compressors are used in all areas of industry where compressed air is required. These machines are made out of a frame, upon which the compressor and a compressed air tank are mounted. The compressor can also be used as a double compressor. With double compressors, the second compressor can switch off upon demand. The piston compressor has been one of the most common machines used to produce compressed air in the last few decades. The screw compressor only recently became a competitor in this share of the market through increasing its efficiency.
  • Generates compressed air
  • Piston compressors make up half of all industrial compressors
  • Used in all areas of industry
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In the industry, about half of all compressors are piston compressors. The active principle is easy: a rotating movement, caused by a motor, is transformed into a back and forth movement compresses the air through the means of a connecting rod and a piston in the cylinder. The compressed air is then stored in the compressed air tank, which has a non-return valve. The gauge, as well as an automatic pressure monitor, then switches the compressor on when required, to compensate for any drops in air pressure. The compressor is operated by an electric motor, and for mobile compressors used on construction sites, a combustion engine is used.

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History, development and background of the piston compressor

Compressors first entered the market through the availability of colour in paint shops and the introduction of air-powered tools and machines. These were solely piston compressors. The basic principle of this machine has hardly changed in years. What has changed is that the filling of the compressed air tank has improved and become automated. The alternative to the piston compressor, the screw compressor, was prematurely invented. Only after significant improvements could this type of compressor establish itself along side the piston compressor. Piston compressors are available in a variety of sizes and designs and can be chosen to best suit where it will be implemented.

Used piston compressor engine

Areas of application and examples of piston compressors

The piston compressor is mainly used for compressed-air processing systems. This machine is very reliable and requires minimal maintenance. Central lubrication is now self-evident. The water that arises through the production of compressed air is removed via condensation. Piston compressors are found in equipment used for colouring and for handy work. One example is in the spray booth found in steel construction. Protective coatings are implemented on finished workpieces to protect them from rust. This is done either manually or automatically using a spray gun. The compressed air is then provided through the use of the piston compressor.

Brands and manufacturers of piston compressors

Several companies have specialised in the manufacturing of piston compressors. Some of the most recommended suppliers include SCHNEIDER, BOGE, MAHLE, KAESER, ATLAS COPCO, and AEROTEC

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