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  1. Planing machines for the metalworking industry
  2. Areas of application for planing machines
  3. Brand names and producers of planing machines
Used planing machines for metalworking 01

Planing machines for the metalworking industry

In the past, planing machines have had many applications in metalworking. However, these machine tools have been pushed aside by other processing methods such as milling. That is because of the comparative effectiveness against the working and idle-stroke characteristic of planing machines. The return-stroke prolongs the cycle time considerably compared to milling. But planing machines still find application in specialised processing tasks. There are distinctions between long planing machines with a single or double-column design, short planing machines, fast planing machines and combined planing, milling and sanding machines.
  • Different types: long, short, fast, and combined planers
  • Simple machining of longer workpieces with a long planing machine
  • Application in tool, machine, and bridge construction
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Long planing machines allow the excellent processing of workpieces which would be too long for a milling machine. The tool of a short planing machine carries out a straight, linear cutting motion. On a long planing machine, the workpiece is moved and the tool remains stationary. The tool skid carries out an oscillating motion so that the planed surface will not be damaged by the return stroke. A short planing machine for metalworking consists of a solid machine base with a clamping table. The clamping table carries out the step-over motion automatically. The tool is clamped in to a planer head. This is attached to a skid which carries out the forward motion of the tool in a straight line.
VOLK Planing machine in use
A long planing machine functions differently. In both the single and double-column designs, the tool is clamped into the tool head. The workpiece lays on a large skid, allowing plenty of space for large workpieces. This skid carries out the lateral motion. The skid must be twice as long as the workpiece to accommodate the overflow and trim cut of the metal bit.

Areas of application for planing machines

Planing machines find applications in tool construction, machine construction, bridge construction and other fields of industry. Short planers and fast planers are mostly used for conventional processing. Long planers are suited to the machining of long housing elements, for example to achieve precise templates for guide rails. The long planing machine's good linear functioning has notable advantages. The tool skid of the long planer is suitable for very heavy burdens. The double-column long planing machine has a very stable and low vibration bridge for the tool head. The width of the workpiece is limited by the columns.
Used planing machines for metalworking 02
The maximum cut length is determined by the length of the movable workpiece skid. Modern machines are equipped with digital scales. Otherwise, these machines operated in a standard way and diversely applicable.

Brand names and producers of planing machines

Several firms have focused on the production of planing machines. Recommendable brands include KNUTH, KLOPP, HIW UBK, HEINEMANN, LAAGLAND, WALDRICH-COBURG, WMW-ASCHERSLEBEN, TOS, STANKOIMPORT, ASCHERSLEBEN, REICHLE & KNOEDLER, and ANDERLE.

Used planing machines for metalworking 03
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