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Gantry Milling Machines

Ideal for effectively plane milling large surfaces 1 Item
Dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 8,000 x 4,000 x 4,000 mm
Year of manufacture 1997
Weight approx. 45,000 kg
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Delivery terms FCA Sant Vicenç de Castellet, loaded on truck
Sant Vicenç de Castellet Spain, 08295 Sant Vicenç de Castellet
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Definition: Portal Milling Machines

When it comes to machining bulky workpieces in mechanical engineering and heavy industry, the portal milling machine (portal mill) is in high demand. These milling machines owe their name to the two supports and a crossbeam which together form a portal. The high machine weight and a powerful spindle motor ensure optimum dimensional accuracy, surface quality and cutting performance. Portal milling machines are usually equipped with a chip conveyor and a modern CNC control (e.g. SIEMENS, HEIDENHAIN). The maximum table load, tool changer and so on vary greatly. Surplex offers used portal milling machines at top conditions!

Used Portal Milling Machine (Portal Mill) - CNC and conventional - for Sale


  1. The portal milling machine in industrial production
  2. History and background of the portal milling machine
  3. Applications and examples of the portal milling machine
  4. Producers of the portal milling machine
Used portal milling machine 01

The portal milling machine in industrial production

A portal milling machine is used in many areas of industry for the machining of material. This type of machine has a characteristic construction. A crossbar of adjustable height is positioned between two supports. This portal limits the maximum width of the workpiece.
  • Height adjustable diagonal crossbar limits maximum workpiece size
  • Effective machining of large surfaces
  • Employment in machine construction and heavy industry
check1 Quality check2 Great offers check3 Personalized The supports are either fixed or adjustable as well. The most common design includes an adjustable clamping table. With a portal milling machine large surfaces can be machined. This machine is especially well-suited to the face milling of large panels. Most machines have two additional milling heads on the supports to machine all sides in a single clamping operation. The portal milling machine is of a very rigid design. This enables very precise machining up to around 5/1000mm. During operation, vibration is very slight, enabling good dimensional accuracy and surface finish. Due to the stability of its design, the cutting-capacity for this variety of milling machine is also high.

REICHLE & KNÖDLER Portal milling machine in use

History and background of the portal milling machine

Machine construction in Germany began with the origin of the first machine factory in Chemnitz in 1848, where the first machine tools were developed and produced. One of these machine types is the portal milling machine. It has been further developed while maintaining the same working principles. Through the introduction of computer technology, the first NC-controlled and later the CNC-controlled portal milling machines came to the market. The production selection extends from smaller machines to varieties with machining tables which can accommodate multi-ton workpieces.

Applications and examples of the portal milling machine

Portal milling machines are mostly used in machine construction and heavy industry. One example is the machining of cast steel and cast iron housing for transmissions. For transmission housing, accuracy of the face surfaces is necessary so that the housing can be flanged onto a motor. The machines are suited for the heavy machining of tool steel and titanium.

Used portal milling machine 02

Producers of the portal milling machine

Several manufacturers have specialized in portal milling machines. Among the recommendable brands are FOREST-LINE, ZIMMERMANN, WALDRICH-COBURG, SNK, SCHIESS ASCHERSLEBEN, MAZAK, BOEHRINGER, MIKROMAT, TOS, and KOLB.
Used portal milling machines in good condition can regularly be found on Just take a look on our industrial auctions and find your desired portal milling machine.

Used portal milling machine 03

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