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Modern profile grinding machines for accurate wooden profiles

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BIKAIN LMM 4 Profile Sanding Machine
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1,100 €
27/03/2019 11:39
HIDROPRECIS RAC-650 Profile Grinding Machine
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1,000 €
02/04/2019 11:23
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PETEWE PFS 3 D Profile Grinding Machine
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850 €
27/03/2019 13:35


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  1. Definition of a "profile"
  2. Assembling a profile
  3. Why do profiles need to be ground?
  4. How is a profile grinder built?
  5. Working with a profile grinder
  6. Vendors of profile grinders
Used profile grinder

Definition of a "profile"

Profiles can be made out of metal, plastic or wood and are used to retain a cross-section across their entire length. Profiles are usually primary products, which are then built upon to construct other products. They are sawn on a mitre and fitted together according to the desired final product.
  • They can be made out of metal, plastic or wood
  • It consists of a very long table that is fitted with rollers.
  • They are very precise systems
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Assembling a profile

Wood profiles are composed of homogeneous logs or chipboard glued together. Wood profiles are mainly used for stairs, handrails or planed beams. Due to practical reasons, the length of a metal profile is restricted to 15 metres, equal to the length of a lorry's trailer. Ordinary steel profiles are used for T-bars, I-beams, train tracks or seamless tubing. Plastic or aluminium profiles are mainly used to build windows.

BRANDT Profile grinder in use

Why do profiles need to be ground?

The majority of the time that profiles are used in their raw form, their stability and accuracy does not suffice. One usage of a profile grinder is to increase the quality of a profile. The more common usage is to restructure the profile for a specific use. For example, gear racks cannot be manufactured directly onto profiles. Therefore, the profile grinder is the ideal tool to mill teeth for the rack. Profile grinders have to provide constant quality over many cycles, and therefore the highest production quality is the most important criteria when choosing the appropriate machine.

How is a profile grinder built?

A profile grinder consists of a very long table that is fitted with rollers. Here the profile is rolled across and constructed into the desired form by the machine. Due to the reason that profile grinders work most efficiently during mass production, they are designed for continuous operation. Therefore, they need to be kept in very long facilities with a lot of floor space because long profiles have to be incorporated in the manufacturing process and discharged.

Used profile grinder

Working with a profile grinder

Profile grinders are very precise systems that can only be maintained and installed by specialists. To work with a profile grinder, one should be a qualified milling-machining mechanic or machine fitter. Profile grinders are metal cutting machines and must be enclosed, and secured against unauthorised access. Support staff can only be hired to assemble and transport the finished products. Despite the high quality of production of the available profile grinders, depending on the manufactured products, disturbances and failures are possible. Therefore, there should be a qualified and knowledgeable specialist in the close vicinity of the profile grinder at all times.

Vendors of profile grinders

Recommended vendors of profile grinders are: LOEWE, WICKMANN, PETEWE, WASINO, BLOHM und ARMINIUS.

Used profile grinder
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