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Manual & CNC punching machines for sheet metal processing

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Copper/Aluminium Profile Processing Plant
0 Bids
130,000 €
05/02/2018 12:10
TRUMPF TRUMATIC 260 Rotation Punching/Nibbling Machine
1 Bid
9,900 €
07/02/2018 10:18
AMADA PEGA 357 Punching Machine
1 Bid
7,000 €
15/02/2018 10:26
PRESSTA-EISELE DYNO 15 Punching Machine
0 Bids
4,900 €
14/02/2018 10:02
BERLE P 81 Punching Machine
San Pedro de B…
0 Bids
650 €
Not started
2 Bids
220 €
01/02/2018 14:16


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Used punching machines for metalworking for sale at Surplex


  1. What does a punching machine do?
  2. What is inside a punching machine?
  3. The operation of an industrial hole punch machine
  4. Respected suppliers of new and used CNC punching machines
Used punching machine for sheet metal processing

What does a punching machine do?

A punching machine ‘punches’ holes into metal sheets to create component parts for a wide range of machinery and industrial applications. A CNC punching machine uses hydraulic or mechanical systems to automate the process of separating metal, cutting shapes and ‘punching’. The latest punching machinery performs this process quickly and accurately, thanks to a pre-programmed set of instructions that is stored in a computer. Automatic material loaders improve speed, efficiency and productivity further — helping small and large operations to cut costs and streamline their operations.

Punch presses are compatible with a range of forming tools for every imaginable outcome. Countersinks, louvers and extrusions are all used within a CNC programme to reduce labour and human error. This automated process reduces the cost of production, and creates consistently accurate fabricated metal sheets. A punch press is only used to cut and separate thin base materials, such as slabs or metal sheets.

  • They are used to separate metal
  • Its composition of a punching machine depends on its size
  • It consists of a material feed, a punching tool, a lifting unit and a product discharge system
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What is inside a punching machine?

Punching machines are set up differently depending on their size, the technologies they utilise and their primary tasks. A pneumatic CNC punch press is capable of working at exceptionally high speeds, but the downside to using this type of metal punching machine is that it is only capable of processing very thin sheets of metal.

Intermediate punch machines are driven by an eccentric drive, which is a circular disc that is fixed to a rotating axle. This creates a similar action to one you might see on an old locomotive train. A metal punching machine that is expected to ‘punch’ through relatively thick metal sheets must be operated by hydraulic machinery.

Most modern industrial punches consist of a main punching tool, a lifting unit, a unit that feeds material into the punching area and a product discharge system. In most cases, a container must be manually positioned with care to collect waste material as it is produced.

SHAPE (LVD) Punching machine in operation

The operation of an industrial hole punch machine

The use of manually operated punching machines was once widespread. While they are still used in small, family-run businesses, they are gradually being phased out in favour of automated sheet metal punching machines that rely on CNC technology to cut, separate and shape metal. These high precision systems remove the element of human error from the process. Labour costs can be further reduced by using loading robots to feed in the raw materials. Your business can cut costs significantly by investing in a used punch press with a solid service history.

There are two main types of punching machine currently on the market: the h-type and the closed type. Both can be very noisy, and both have several moving parts that have the potential to cause injury. While no formal qualifications are required to operate a new or used punching machine, strict health and safety guidelines must be adopted and observed by those using and supervising these large items of machinery.

Used punching machine - working unit

Respected suppliers of new and used CNC punching machines

A modern punching machine is a heavy, expensive, precision-engineered system with a high price tag. Large-scale operations are moving towards a fully automated production process that utilises the latest robotic technology. It is therefore relatively easy to pick up a second-hand punching machine for a great price. As these punching machines have usually been used in processing plants of the highest quality, they have been well maintained and cared for throughout their working history.

Our punch machine sale features quality machinery from many of the World’s top manufacturers, including MUBEA, HEIDEL, PEDDINGHAUS and SCHUECO. Visit Surplex.com regularly to see what the latest CNC sheet metal punching machine sale has to offer your business.

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