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Robust drilling machines for heavy workpieces
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H. CEGIELSKI WRA 40 Radial Drilling Machine
Portugal, 2405-012 MACEIRA LRA
H. CEGIELSKI WRA 40 Radial Drilling Machine
BERNARDO SRB 40 NC Radial Drilling Machine
Romania, 807326 Sat Costi, Comuna Vanatori
BERNARDO SRB 40 NC Radial Drilling Machine
INVEMA FR 40 1300 Radial Drill
KNUTH R 50 Radial Drilling Machine
Germany, 15834 Rangsdorf
KNUTH R 50 Radial Drilling Machine
Radial Drill INVEMA FR 40 1300
MAS VR 104 Radial Drilling Machine
Czech Republic, 430 01 Chomutov
MAS VR 104 Radial Drilling Machine

The radial drilling machine owes its name to a pivoting arm with a drilling spindle, the movement of which corresponds to a radius. This allows any number of holes to be drilled in just one set-up. This makes radial drilling machines interesting for many industrial branches. The mounting of the tool is done via morse taper or drill chuck. Modern CNC control further increases the high drilling performance of the radial drilling machine. As a specialist for used machine tools, Surplex offers not only lathes, milling machines, boring machines and machining centres, but also a wide range of used drilling machines, including those from KOLB, KNUTH and WMW!

A radial drilling machine is an item of metalworking equipment that consists of a drilling head that is mounted on its side along a radial arm. The drill can be raised, lowered and rotated on the vertical arm in order to drill workpieces of various sizes and dimensions. The bit on a radial arm drill is often fitted with gears, so quick changes can be made to the rotating speed. Workpieces that are too large to fit into table-based drills are usually processed using a radial drilling machine.

  • Drilling of heavy and large workpieces
  • Used in all industrial sectors
  • The ability to switch tools quickly allows for comprehensive machining tasks
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The crucial parts of a radial drilling machine are the arm, the column and the drill bit. The drill can be can be moved relatively easy along the vertical axis, which is ideal for drilling irregularly shaped workpieces. Versatile, relatively safe and accurate, the radial arm drill is used for countersinking, boring holes and, occasionally, grinding small particles from masonry. While some radial drilling machines are set up for use on a floor, most are mounted onto tables or benches. The drill moves during production, rather than the workpiece. This means it is relatively quick and easy to process several workpieces of different shapes and sizes on the same radial arm drill.

DONAU Radial drilling machine in operation

A radial drill is usually housed in a robust frame. A large stand contains an adjustable support bearing for the drill, which allows for upwards, downwards and rotating motion. A column holds the radial arm in place, and an adjustable arm is used to change the vertical height of the drill. An arm clamp keeps the arm and column in place, while a spindle holds the drill chuck in place. There is usually an electronic on/off button that turns the radial drill press on and off.

More advanced radial arm drills include an on-board computer, which dictates the precise movements of the machine. A CNC radial drilling machine is capable of incredible levels of speed, accuracy and efficiency, which makes it vital to manufacturing operations of all sizes. These advanced systems include digital displays that deliver accurate manufacturing data and allow for the entry of precise measurements.

Radial drilling is a process that is employed in a wide variety of manufacturing plants, across many different sectors. A radial drilling machine can be used in both metalworking and plastic processing because of the flexibility and reliability it offers.

Machinery manufacturers often rely on these versatile drilling machines in order to make several component parts, including covering plates, flanges and covers.

The ability of the radial drill to move up, down and around the arm makes it suitable for working on complex workpieces. Several areas of the workpiece can be reached without reloading, which saves companies money. There are further opportunities to cut costs through the purchase of a used radial drilling machine from a reputable supplier. Used machines often require maintenance and servicing before they can be used in large-scale manufacturing environments. However, they have a production history, which proves they can deliver efficiency and accuracy — something you can never be sure of when purchasing new metalworking machinery.

Surplex.com is home to a wide selection of used industrial machines from reputable sources all over Europe. You will often find equipment from radial drilling machine manufacturers such as JET, KAO MING, NOVISA, FREJOTH INTERNATIONAL, GIRARDS, KOLB and WEILER. If you can’t find the used radial arm drill you’re looking for, or any item of industrial woodworking and metalworking machinery, keep checking the Surplex website. Used machinery for sale is being added all the time. You can be one of the first people to learn about our upcoming industrial auctions and sales by signing up to the Surplex newsletter.