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Radial Drilling Machines

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UVM 3040.10 Radial drilling maschine NEW
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ALZMETALL AB 3/R Radial Drilling Machine
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MAS VR 2 Radial drilling machine
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RABOMA 12 UH/1600 Radial Drilling Machine
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  1. Radial drilling machines for industrial manufacturing
  2. Applications and examples of radial drilling machines
  3. Brand names and manufacturers of radial drilling machines
Used radial drilling machine front view

Radial drilling machines for industrial manufacturing

The radial drilling machine is used in industry to drill large and heavy workpieces. Due to their construction they are often called arm drilling machines. A sturdy frame hosts the work table. A large stand contains an adjustable support bearing for the drilling head. The round stand allows for both an up and down movement, as well as circular.
  • Drilling of heavy and large workpieces
  • Used in all industrial sectors
  • The ability to switch tools quickly allows for comprehensive machining tasks
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The drilling head can be moved on the support and carries the driving motor, as well as the gearbox and the drilling tool carrier. All components are robust in order to ensure low-vibration drilling. Previously, all operations were conducted manually using a hand operated wheel. However, now actuators are often used in order to position the drilling tool easily above the workpiece. The drilling spindle contains an automatic feed; however, it is also possible to adjust the drilling head by hand using a hand wheel. A cooling system is common and either stands separately or is attached to the foot of the machine. In addition to drilling, the machine can also perform other functions such as grinding and threading.

DONAU Radial drilling machine in use

Applications and examples of radial drilling machines

Radial drilling machines are used in all branches of industry, where the drilling of heavy and large parts is required. For example, it is commonly used in metalworking and plastic processing industries as well as in heavy industry. The machine building industry requires these machines in order to build covers as well as large flanges and covering plates. This machine is particularly suited for producing covers because the drilling head can be adjusted in terms of height, radius and length. This means that every part of the workpiece can be reached. Through quick switching of the tools, comprehensive machining tasks can be undertaken in one stage. Modern radial drilling machines have precise digital displays and thereby can position themselves in relation to a reference point determined by fixed coordinates. This allows for the highly accurate processing of workpieces.

Used radial drilling machine workspace

Brand names and manufacturers of radial drilling machines

Several companies have specialised in the manufacturing of radial drilling machines. Some of the most recommended suppliers include 600 GROUP, KNUTH, GILLARDON, FORADIA, DONAU, WEILER, JET, TOPONE, KAO MING, NOVISA, FREJOTH INTERNATIONAL, GIRARDS, KOLB, and RABOMA.

Used radial drilling machine operating unit
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