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  1. Rapid radial drilling machines for optimal drilling
  2. History of the modern rapid radial drilling machine
  3. Areas of application of rapid radial drilling machines
  4. Known manufacturers of effective rapid radial drilling machines
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Rapid radial drilling machines for optimal drilling

A rapid radial drilling machine is a type of pillar drill. The large difference between the box column drill and the pillar drill is that the box column drill contains a round guiding column, and the pillar drill has a square column with guides. This type of machine enables the production of both the threading and galling of drills on one machine. Contrary to the conventional box column drill, this type of machine contains a continuous speed control for the main drive shaft of the drilling tool. Additionally, the feeding rate is adjustable. The rapid radial drilling machine contains a specifically engineered machine frame (which is encased) to ensure minimal vibrations. The cooling device is also located within the casing. In some drilling machines, this can also be located separately, next to the machine. The strong machine frame can be adjusted by height. The guiding pillar is protected by a bellow. On the top of most models one can find the controller for the tool spindle on one side and the spindle head on the other side.

  • Efficient execution of drilling tasks that are unsuitable for boring machines
  • Used in the metal processing industry
  • Processing of heavy and large workpieces
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A morse taper is used for the clamping in of the workpiece, and it allows the tools to be quickly switched. The continuous, adjustable spindle speed control is often combined with gears for certain sectors. Secure clamping of all axles is usually done hydraulically, in order to ensure minimum vibration during drilling and extend tool life.

History of the modern rapid radial drilling machine

The electric drilling machine has been around since 1895 as a hand drill. The radial drilling machine started to be used at the beginning of the industrialisation in industry countries. This type of machine is used for the processing of heavy and large workpieces.

DONAU Rapid radial drilling machine

The drilling head is adjustable three-dimensionally and a can also be clamped in. A stable drilling table contains T-slots as a receptacle for a vise and special clamping devices.

This machine has basically had the same construction for several decades with necessary developments continually being added. Continuous speed control over equal frequencies and an automatic feed increase the effectiveness of these machines. An automatic depth stop and torque monitoring are both new features of this machine. In the last decade there have been developments in this machine, including the addition of a display for quill adjustment and other parameters like the spindle speed and the feed rate.

Used rapid radial drilling machine in use

Areas of application of rapid radial drilling machines

These industrial machines are mainly used in the metalworking industry and in workshops. The precise design allows it to handle drilling tasks that are not so effective due to the construction of the drilling tools. Therefore, rapid radial drilling machines are use in all branches of the metal processing industry for the economical production of drills. This includes the manufacturing of casings, production of components for machines, in the steel industry and for producing tools.

Known manufacturers of effective rapid radial drilling machines

Several companies have specialised in the manufacturing of rapid radial drilling machines. Some of the most recommended suppliers include DONAU, WEYRAUCH, IRSASA, HKS, GENKO, RAPID, HELLER, GIRADS, SCHLUMBERGER, EFI, HUVEMA, and PLANK.

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