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Powerful round bending machines with 3 & more rolls
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AIM EUROPE SA AFM-3D2-T ULTRA CNC Wire Bending Machine
FEYSAMA RHLLC 6x2000 Sheet metal rolling machine - 3 roll hook
TRANSFLUID DB 648 K mandrel bending machine
AKYAPAK AS70-10/1,5M Roll bending machine
ADDITIONMT FM 70 PE Expanding Machine
TEJERO AHC 55AHC Tube Bending Machine
3-Roll Round Bending Machine
Germany, 39288 Burg
3-Roll Round Bending Machine
HAMMERLE HORIZ/III Universal trimming and shaping machine
HBM 16 ton Hydraulic pipe bender
Germany, 46342 Velen-Ramsdorf
HBM 16 ton Hydraulic pipe bender
KRAMER Sheet Round Bending Machine
Germany, 58285 Gevelsberg
KRAMER Sheet Round Bending Machine
DAVI MCB 4050 Sheet Metal Rolling Machine - 4 roll crusher

Round bending machines are widely used in steel and tank construction because, unlike press brakes or profile bending machines, they can bend spherical and conical shapes. The bending device consists of 2-4 rolls, whereby the hydraulic 3-roll bending machine with two movable side rolls and a top roll is considered as standard. However, these machines are only suitable for low sheet thicknesses, while a 4-roll bending machine can process higher sheet thicknesses. Even greater differences exist between a manual machine and a heavy CNC round bending machine, but you can find both of them as used at Surplex.

Steel construction has to do with the manufacturing of various containers and technical machines. For these purposes, sheet metal is often bent using a round bending machine. The classic round bending machine is made out of three rollers, where at least one roller is powered. One can decide between two types of machines, depending on whether sheet metal or steel is being processed. One type of machine is used for the processing of sheet metal and the width of the rollers determines the maximum width of the sheet metal.
  • Used in industrial production and steel construction
  • Bending of sheet metal for further processing
  • Main area of application: the building of containers
 Quality   Great offers   Personalized Another type of round bending machine has short, attached profile rollers. This type of machine uses various bending rollers to bend flat bars, T-bars, square iron and angle iron. A guiding roller system located on both sides of the profile rollers ensures that no twisting or deforming of the material will occur. Rotary rollers are most commonly used to produce large containers, which can then be closed with a seal. Round bending machines with rollers can be up to 6m wide. Cold sheet metal up to 150mm thick can be processed, and sheet metal with a strength of 250mm can be processed in rolling mills. The material has to be in a glowing hot state to be rolled. These large machines are definitely an exception. The round bending of sheet metal with a strength of up to 100mm is more common.

SCHÄFER Round bending machine in use

Round bending machines were already being used in steel construction very early on in industrial production. Bending machines were very important during the introduction of the manufacturing of steam boilers and boilers for steam engines. The development of these machines has been growing over the years in relation to the processing tasks. Modern machines contain modern controllers and measuring equipment. The positioning of the rollers (which was previously done by hand) is now done using electric motors with corresponding gearboxes. Nowadays, every steel construction and container manufacturing plant contains a powerful round bending machine.

The most important applications of the round bending machine are the building of containers like silos, foundry plants, masts with a large diameter, or any boilers. The round bending machine allows sheet metal to be bent into a fully rounded form, so that the container can then be welded together to be sealed. Large tubes and pipes are produced using this method. The advantage of round bending machines with at least three rollers is that they can produce conical containers, which is done by alternately stopping one of the rollers. When building the steel towers for wind turbines, sheet metal with a strength of up to 80mm needs to be formed into a conical tube and then it is welded together.

Several companies have specialised in the manufacturing of round bending machines. Some of the most recommended suppliers include HAEUSLER, SCHÄFER, COMAL, WMW, KRAMER, HUVEMA, STOELTING, FASTI, ISITAN, FACCIN, RAS, DURMA, CASANOVA, DAVI, LISSE and HESSE.