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  1. Sawmills for industrial production
  2. Areas of application and examples of sawmills
  3. Brand names and manufacturers of sawmills
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Sawmills for industrial production

Sawmills are part of the woodworking sector and are equipped with corresponding machinery. The sawmill can be used to process both hardwoods and softwoods. The main installed equipment (circular, cutting, muley or log frame sawing tools) is what characterises sawmills. Furthermore, a differentiation is made between water or land storage area, within which the log will be sawn. There are two types of common sawmills, depending on the arrangements of the production process. These are head and flow sawmills.
  • Woodworking plant with a corresponding machine park
  • Circular, frame or the block bandsaw are some of the main machines
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Timber suitable for sawing is cut from logs. The size and flow capacity of sawmills depends on the machines used. The processing technology can either be manual or automatic. The process controlled processing technique is a common feature of large sawmills. Due to recent technological advances, a completely computerised production is possible. Modern sawmills are equipped with combined cutters and circular saws, and combined frame circular Saws. Electronic measuring and monitoring of timber and finished goods is common. This allows for an automatic sorting system to be implemented in relation to measurements and quality.

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Effective drying machines are used to quickly dry out the wood to get rid of excess moisture. The waste products from the sawmill can be used for heating, for example, through producing wood pellets. Raw material for the fibreboard industry can be provided by sawmills.

A frame saw, which is commonly used in a sawmill, is made out of a stable base frame and a gate, which is used to hold the sawing blade. On old models, a spacer is used to install the desired board thickness. With new machines, the adjustment of the cutting thickness is done automatically. A circular saw attachment is commonly used in these machines to cut the material lengthwise. The muley saw is equipped with bandsaws. A bandsaw sharpening machines is also often integrated. The positioning and cutting thickness adjustment is often automated on the new machines.

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Areas of application and examples of sawmills

Sawmills are mainly used for the production of wooden boards, timber beams and timber. These wood pieces are, for example, used for the roofs of houses. Transfer systems are used to connect the individual machines and allow for the sawmill to run automatically or at least half automatically. Vibrating conveyors and metal detectors are used to sort and protect the tool. When buying a sawmill, it is important to pay attention to the optimal set-up of the individual components. The duration of operation is also a deciding factor when buying a used machine.

Brand names and manufacturers of sawmills

Several companies have specialised in the manufacturing of sawmills. Some of the most recommended suppliers include WOOD-MIZER, PILOUS-TMJ, WURSTER + DIETZ, SCHULTE, WILLIAM GILLET, MÖHRINGER, PAUL, WEINIG, STIHL-HOLTEC and KLÖCKNER.

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