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Top brand screw compressors with low maintenance needs

Although screw compressors have some construction advantages compared with the widespread piston compressors, its market share in the industry increases slowly. One of these advantages: screw compressors have few mobile parts, this is why they have low maintenance needs. Besides, they are really quiet and efficient. Screw compressors are rotary compressors, whose helicoidal rotors gradually decrease the compression chamber and continuously compress the intake gas (e. g. air). At Surplex you will find used screw compressors from leading manufacturers such as KAESER, ATLAS COPCO, BOGE and DEMAG. There are also modern models with few operating hours among them!
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BETICO ER 132 Screw Compressor
San Pedro de B…
0 Bids
2,800 €
Not started
SCHNEIDER E.C Rotar BSC1508 Screw Compressor
0 Bids
1,700 €
27/06/2018 09:13
ATLAS COPCO ZT 245 Screw Compressor
0 Bids
1,200 €
11/07/2018 10:05
INGERSOLL-RAND MH55 SS Screw compressor
8 Bids
1,200 €
05/07/2018 12:05
ATLAS COPCO GA 210 PACK Screw Compressor
Weilheim Teck
2 Bids
1,100 €
27/06/2018 10:16
ATLAS COPCO GA 300 Screw Compressor
6 Bids
1,000 €
03/07/2018 11:18
Top lot
KAESER SM 11 Screw Compressor
15 Bids
490 €
06/07/2018 11:15
Top lot
SCHNEIDER AIR-MASTER AMD 4-10F-200 Screw Compressor
3 Bids
390 €
11/07/2018 10:14
MAHLE MSK-I Screw Compressor
0 Bids
150 €
19/07/2018 09:07


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  1. Tasks and functionality of a screw compressor
  2. Why use screw compressors?
  3. Uses for screw compressors
  4. Suppliers of screw compressors

Tasks and functionality of a screw compressor

Compressors are machines that compress gas to such an extent, that it can be efficiently stored and used for specific technical purposes. Compressors are most commonly used for blasting and lacquering. The most common configuration of a compressor is the reciprocating piston. Here a mechanism containing a crankshaft, connecting rod, spools and cylinders is powered by an electric motor. For lacquering and blasting, gas and the surrounding air is sucked into a container, where the pressure then rises continuously until it is used again. Therefore, compressors are usually used for refrigeration units.

Why use screw compressors?

  • It is used for specific technical purposes
  • They are used for refrigeration units
  • The most common configuration is the reciprocating piston
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It is important to ensure that the spool does not rub against the wall of the cylinder as the frictional force increases the warming up of the compressor. A reciprocating compressor is much more expensive in regards to maintenance and energy usage. Compressed air is a form of energy that is essential in all modern industry facilities. Whether it is for pneumatically operated machines or compressed air cleaning guns, a compressed air tube and compressor are necessary in almost all industrial facilities. Contrary to the reciprocating compressor, screw compressors only have two movable parts. The screws are complexly formed workpieces that move against and into one another.
Used screw compressor 02
Through this movement, they transport the in-coming gas from one side of the screw to the other. Thereby, the space in between the screws becomes continually smaller, resulting in the compression of the in-coming gas. Screw compressors work significantly more quietly and efficiently than reciprocating compressors. At the same time, they require a higher minimum speed and have specifically designed components.

Uses for screw compressors

Screw compressors are used for the production of compressed air and gas, as well as being used in refrigerator units. They are a little bit more expensive than reciprocating compressors in terms of their manufacturing, but they require less energy for continuous operation and do not need as much maintenance. As a result of the energy policies, the compressor has a new role in regards to the saving of mechanical energy. Therefore, it is expected that the innovation of compressor technology will increase in the near future.
Used screw compressor 03
Screw compressors are not as widely available as reciprocator compressors and they are not yet commonly used in small refrigerator units or freezers. In the industrial context, screw compressors make up about 50% of compressors.

Suppliers of screw compressors

The most well-known manufacturers of screw compressors are: ATLAS COPCO, KAESER, BOGE, OCHSNER BAUER, DEMAG, INGERSOLL, MAHLE and ECOAIR.

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