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Machines for sheathing panels and profiles
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FRIZ PUM 120/45/DH/R Profile Lamination Machine
Czech Republic, 332 02 Stary Plzenec
FRIZ PUM 120/45/DH/R Profile Lamination Machine

Sheathing machines are used in industrial manufacturing for the coating of pipes and tubing. The machines can be fitted to process tubes with small or large diameters. Basically, a sheathing machine consists of a machine frame that can be adapted in terms of its size and design to fit the size and style of the tubes that it will be carrying and processing. This usually occurs on powered and idle rollers, or wheels. This allows the tubes to turn around their own axis. The actual coating machine (for the sheathing of the tube) is either found above the tube or completely surrounding the tube. An extrusion head conducts the actual coating.

  • Used for coating tubes and piping in industry
  • Available for tubes of all diameters
  • Used in all sectors
 Quality   Great offers   Personalized A further type of sheathing machine can cover profiles using a special film. This makes it possible to cover workpieces with decorative film (e.g. plastic film on metal blanks). Aluminium foil can also be glued onto metal blanks using a sheathing machine. In the construction of windows, wood profiles can be coated with plastic. Special wood grains can also be applied to the window profile using this film. A further possibility of the sheathing machine is its use in the production of welding electrodes. Here, a wire is automatically sheathed with the appropriate material using a sheathing machine and a cylinder filling press. The mass of the cylinder determines the thickness of the coating.

Sheathing machines are used for the coating of tubes in industry. Steel or aluminium pipes are commonly coated with weather resistant or chemical resistant coatings. This is particularly useful in chemical plants in order to ensure that tubes can be used for a long time. Long-distance pipelines are coated with a protective plastic layer. Further uses are the coating of profiles in woodworking and the production of welding electrodes.

Several companies have specialised in the manufacturing of sheathing machines. Some of the most recommended suppliers include NETPLASMAK, EXTRUDEX KUNSTSTOFFMASCHINEN, SMS ELOTHERM, ROBERING, and MASCHINENFABRIK BERNER