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Universal saw for industrial and craft woodworking

Sliding table saws are used in carpentry, furniture industry and window manufacturing. A very important feature of these special circular saws is the sliding table, which enables precise and glueable cuts in just one operation. It is not necessary to subsequently correct or level the components, and that saves a lot of time in comparison to circular table saws. Sliding table saws are equipped with a swiveling saw blade, a miter gauge, a miter fence and a rip fence. They mill slots and saw plastic and non-ferrous metals. At Surplex you will find used sliding table saws from leading manufacturers such as ALTENDORF, also modern models!

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ORTZA OPAL 32 Sliding Table Saw
25/03/2019 12:12
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EGURKO ORTZA OPAL 37 Sliding Table Saw
25/03/2019 10:24
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ALTENDORFF WA 80 Sliding Table Saw
25/03/2019 14:09
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ALTENDORF C 45 Sliding Table Saw
25/03/2019 10:28
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MARTIN T 72 A Sliding Table Saw
10/04/2019 10:03
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CMA 2000 S315 Sliding Table Saw
Silvi Marina (TE)
26/03/2019 11:26
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KÖLLE Formatic Sliding Table Saw
10/04/2019 10:46
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LAZZARI MEGA Sliding Table Saw
10/04/2019 11:05
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SCM SI 300 S Sliding Table Saw Machine
27/03/2019 11:02
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STETON SC 402.6 Sliding Table Saw
Chiclana, Cadiz
26/03/2019 12:51
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SCM ST4 Saw Spindle Moulder with Feeder
Cerea (VR)
26/03/2019 11:58
3  Bids
SCM SI 15 WF Sliding Table Saw
Cerea (VR)
26/03/2019 12:03
7  Bids
CMC SE3200 C Sliding Table Saw
29/03/2019 11:08
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ULMIA 1625 Circular Table Saw
27/03/2019 10:48
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ALTENDORF Duplex Fence
27/03/2019 10:38
2  Bids
25/03/2019 10:24
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MARTIN T 72 Sliding Table Saw
25/03/2019 10:30
6  Bids
GRIGGIO CA 400 Sliding Table Saw
Region Perugia
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  1. Sliding table saws – traditional woodworking machines
  2. Improvements in woodworking
  3. Sliding table saws – a universal tool
  4. Second-hand sliding table saws – advantages and disadvantages
  5. An overview of sliding table saw manufacturers
  6. Buying a second-hand sliding table saw
Used ALTENDORF sliding table saw

Sliding table saws – traditional woodworking machines

Sliding table saws (or sliding panel saws/panel table saws) are traditionally used in machine woodworking and can be found in almost every workshop or joinery.

Using a sliding table saw

The saw unit of the sliding table saw can be height adjusted and pivoted by up to 45 degrees. Mechanical stops are fitted to both sides of the saw unit, which enable panels to be cut down to size. An angle stop and mitre stop allow 90-degree angles and surface angles to be cut. The cutting dimensions and cutting height of the sliding table saw are either set by hand, by foot, or directly via the machine controls (depending on the design).

  • A universal tool in widespread use
  • Cutting and milling of wood, non-ferrous metals and plastic
  • Used in furniture manufacture and window-making
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How to use a sliding table saw: the material to be processed is placed flat on the sliding table saw and is shifted into position by the saw unit. The precision achieved is so high that no re-working is required and the cut-offs are immediately ready for gluing. Another advantage is its quiet operation - even at high speeds - which contributes greatly to precision. Sliding table panel saws are not only used for solid wood and other wooden materials; they are also used on plastics and non-ferrous metals, such as aluminium, bronze and brass.

Improvements in woodworking

The sliding panel table saw was invented in 1906 by Wilhelm Altendorf, the founder of the company WILHELM ALTENDORF GMBH which is today still a market-leader. He developed this precision sliding table saw based on conventional circular table saws and intended them to be used in the manufacture of highly-precise components for the furniture industry. Past table saws did not feature special trimming equipment and the material to be cut was fed into the saw unit by hand. The invention of sliding table saws enabled more precision and increased safety and are still produced today following the same basic principles. The principle of lying the workpiece down on a sliding carriage to be fed through the saw unit was also adopted for a range of other specialist machinery. Industrial sliding table saws were a huge boon for occupational safety.

ALTENDORF Sliding table saw in operation

Sliding table saws - a universal tool

What is a sliding table saw? This type of saw is a universal tool which can be found in every joinery. Within industry, it is used in furniture manufacturing and window-making for both cutting materials and milling grooves. In addition to wood, today’s sliding panel saws can process non-ferrous metals and plastics. Acquiring and installing one of these saws is certainly worth the effort for DIY enthusiasts. However, the size of the machine means plenty of space is required in the workshop.

Second-hand sliding table saws - advantages and disadvantages

A second-hand sliding table saw for sale is easy to find on today’s second-hand machinery marketplace. Sliding table saws are still industrial machines, which were primarily developed for professional users. This means that buying a used sliding table saw will require a fair amount of capital. However, the lack of sliding table saws for the consumer sector has an impact on the quality of the machinery available. Manufacturers of panel saws all offer their machinery with comparable quality and equipment. In addition, the services offered for used panel saws mean that you will not be at a disadvantage. Even if there are minor defects, a second-hand sliding table saw can always be reconditioned thanks to the wide range of replacement parts offered by manufacturers for many years after the machine was built. There is therefore nothing standing in the way of amateur carpenters and small companies acquiring a second-hand sliding panel table saw. There is only one critical area to be considered when buying a second-hand sliding table saw: the drive motor. If the machine produces sparks or smoke (noticeable even if the motor is switched off), it is generally not worth buying off the second-hand market. On the other hand, the dirtiness of a second-hand saw is nothing to worry about - their robust design means sliding table saws can always be reconditioned, even if very dirty. Our used sliding table saws for sale frequently come from Bavaria or North Rhine Westphalia. The high density of woodworking operations means there is a large selection of sliding table saws from these regions. Buying a second-hand panel saw should, where possible, be done on-site, or via a professional dealer. You may be in for a nasty surprise if you buy a panel saw without fully informing yourself in advance.

Used sliding table saw working space

An overview of sliding table saw manufacturers

Many manufacturers and suppliers of sliding table saws have built a good reputation for their used machinery, which is often available at a reasonable price. These include the market leader ALTENDORF and others such as the SCM Group and GRANETZKI. Machinery made by MARTIN or FELDER is also highly recommended. Used machinery from these manufacturers can generally be purchased without any concerns since they will continue to produce excellent woodworking results even after many years of use - provided they are properly cared for and maintained. As usual, a visual inspection of all key components is indispensable.

Buying a second-hand sliding table saw

If you are looking for a particular type of used sliding table saw, Surplex is the place to be. We sell a range of panel saws in our countless industrial auctions made available through clearance sales, company liquidations and insolvencies. The machines are generally in a good to excellent condition and are available as soon as the auction ends. We regularly add to our range of machines, which is why it is always worth paying a regular visit to our platform. Our staff will be on hand at all times to provide information and advice to help you in your search for the right second-hand sliding table saw. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or anything is unclear.

Used MARTIN sliding table saw