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ALTENDORF F 45 Sliding Table Saw with 11 kW Motor
16 Bids
5,950 €
FELDER K915 Panel Saw
Weilheim Teck
2 Bids
4,200 €
MARTIN T 72 Sliding Table Saw
17 Bids
4,200 €
LAZZARI TEMA 3200 Sliding Table Saw
6 Bids
3,200 €
SCM SI 350 N Sliding Table Saw
8 Bids
3,000 €
CASADEI KS 3000 Sliding Table Saw
Sandrigo (VI)
0 Bids
2,600 €
ALTENDORF F 45 Sizing Saw
11 Bids
2,000 €
SCM SI 16 WF Sliding table saw
18 Bids
1,800 €
CMC SELL 1600 Sliding table saw
13 Bids
1,200 €
SCM Sliding Table Saw
Sandrigo (VI)
0 Bids
700 €
PANHANS .1/3 Sliding Table Saw
2 Bids
270 €
METABO KS1785S Circular saw
Capriglio (AT)
0 Bids
70 €
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Used format sliding table saws for the woodworking industry at Surplex


  1. The classic woodworking machine
  2. Substantial improvements in woodworking
  3. Universal tools in woodworking
  4. Sliding table saws available second hand for affordable prices
Used ALTENDORF sliding table saw

The classic woodworking machine

The sliding table saw is a woodworking saw that is highly adjustable and can be swung up to 45 degrees. There are catches on both sides of the sawing blade, which can be used to separate the panels of material. The angled stop and the crosscut mitre fence allow for 90-degrees angles and plane angles to be cut.

  • Universal tool with further distribution
  • Cutting and milling of wood, non-ferrous metals and plastic
  • Main use in the furniture and window manufacturing industries
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Depending on the system, the cutting dimensions and the cutting height are either adjusted by hand, foot or directly using the machine controls. The workpieces are laid down and pushed along the sawing blade. The levels of accuracy are so high that it is not necessary to further process the workpiece, and where the material has been cut can be glued immediately. Sliding table saws are not only used for solid wood and other wood materials, but also for plastic and non-ferrous metals like aluminium, bronze and brass.

Substantial improvements in woodworking

The sliding table saw was invented in 1906 by Wilhelm Altendorf, the founder of WILHELM ALTENDORF GMBH & Co, which is still the leading company in the market. At this time, table saws did not contain the special trimming equipment needed and the cuts were conducted manually using the sawing blade.

ALTENDORF Sliding table saw in use

The current sliding table saw allows for more precision and security. The machines built today are based on the old basic characteristics. The method of lying down the workpiece and using a sliding carriage to have it led along the sawing blade, is used for many other special machines.

Universal tools in woodworking

The sliding table saw is a universal tool. It is found in every carpenter's workshop. This saw is mainly used in the furniture and window manufacturing industries. It is not only used for cutting, but also to mill grooves. Modern saws are also used for the processing of non-ferrous metals and plastic, as well as wood. This saw is very useful for the construction and reconstruction of houses. The size of the machine means that it needs to be housed in a workshop with sufficient space.

Used sliding table saw working space

Sliding table saws available second hand for affordable prices

Several companies have specialised in the manufacturing of sliding table saws. Some of the most recommended suppliers include SCM Group and GRANETZKI. There is also equipment regularly available from the market leader ALTENDORF.
Used machines in good condition can be found in our industrial auctions. As our machine offer is constantly changing we recommend visiting us regularly. For further assistance don't hesitate to contact our colleagues at the Surplex customer care at any time with any questions. Furthermore we recommend signing up to our newsletter to always get notifications for upcoming sliding table saw offers.

Used MARTIN sliding table saw
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