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  1. Slots produced quickly, accurately and affordably
  2. From the steam engine to window frames
  3. Where are slot mortising machines used?
  4. Who manufactures slot mortising machines?
Used slot mortising machine support drilling unit workspace

Slots produced quickly, accurately and affordably

With the help of a mortising machine, a slot can be produced in one operational step. A slot is differs from a simple, cylindrical holes only in the sense that its rim consists of two semi-cylindrical shells that are tied between two coplanar surfaces. The manufacturing of slots is possible in two different styles. Either by drilling down to the full depth of the hole and subsequently widening it,
  • Fully automatic production of slots
  • It functions are similar to a milling machine
  • Mainly used in the woodworking trade
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or by cutting a shallow groove of the desired hole's width, and deepening it gradually. The mortising machine is actually just a modified drilling machine, which allows for the controlled movement of the tool or workpiece by using a controlled movement perpendicular to the spindle axis.

From the steam engine to window frames

The beginning of the industrialisation required the manufacturing of slots, particularly in metal, which was a very elaborate, handcrafted process. The holes had to first be drilled, then chiselled and then smoothed with a file. The slot mortising machine was invented in the 19th century in the steam engine factory by Sharp, Stewart and Co. in Manchester. This not only reduced the time required for the production of slots by less than half, but it also increased the manufacturing accuracy of the slots.

Used slot mortising machine view of drilling unit
The slot mortising machine made by Sharp initially milled a flat groove with the dimensions of the slot, and then deepened the hole gradually. It was also suited for the manufacturing of stud holes to be used, for example, for the splines of spline shafts. Nowadays, slot mortising machines are generally built with a console construction with a main horizontal spindle. The moveable axis is generally located in the workpiece carriage. They are mainly used for the construction of wooden frames.

Where are slot mortising machines used?

The functionality of a slot mortising machine is very similar to a milling machine. There was no free movement along the x and y-axis in classic slot mortising machine, but the feeding motion was done automatically. Before the automation of milling machines, this was the distinct advantage of slot mortising machines. It allowed for the fully automatic manufacturing of slots long before the introduction of the automatic operation of milling machines. New slot mortising machines are generally smaller machines used for woodworking.
Used slot mortising machine detail view of drilling tool
Instead of an automatic feed, a lever system is usually present. This presents a more affordable alternative, when the flexibility or efficiency of more complex machines is not necessary. Slot mortising machines are generally applied in the woodworking industry, particularly for the manufacturing of door or window frames. They can be used for creating dowel holes or rows of dowel holes, slots for mortise and tenon joints, as well as recesses for mortises and striking plates.

Who manufactures slot mortising machines?

ISmall and medium-sized slot mortising machines are supplied by the following brands: BALESTRINI, BERNARDO, COMAG, HESS, HOLZKRAFT, KLEIN&SÖHNE, KÖLLE, PANHANS, SAC and SCM.

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