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SCM FLEX 1 Spindle Moulder
Au in der Hall…
37 Bids
3,200 €
CASADEI Tupi Spindle moulder
Donostia-San S…
0 Bids
750 €
Hot lot
SCHNEIDER Spindle Moulder
16 Bids
650 €
PALT Moulder
2 Bids
550 €
SCM LINVINCIBILE T120 Spindle Moulder
Marene (CN)
2 Bids
470 €
BÄUERLE SFN/102 Spindle Moulder
3 Bids
321 €
WILSON FKL Spindle Moulder
Leeds, Garforth
0 Bids
250 €
HOMBAK Spindle Moulder
6 Bids
200 €
SCHNEIDER T-Slot Table for Spindle Moulder
1 Bid
100 €
SCHNEIDER Spindle moulder
1 Bid
100 €
Slot Table for Spindle Moulders
1 Bid
80 €


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  1. A machine for high quality and dimensionally accurate, large workpieces
  2. The development of the horizontal milling machine
  3. Specialist for thick wood material
  4. How much do they cost?
Used Horizontal Milling Machine 01

A machine for high quality and dimensionally accurate, large workpieces

A horizontal milling machine is useful for the processing of large and thick workpieces. The work support is made out of a cast iron plate. The spindle protrudes out of a round opening on the stop, located in the middle of the milling table, on the side. The horizontal mill is used to (among other things) create profiles, seams and grooves in workpieces. The machine's devices (e.g. feeding device, compression and safety device, bow spring, thrust ring, routing guard) ensure safe operation.
  • Processing of large and voluminous workpieces
  • Used when high levels of accuracy are required
  • Creates profiles, seams and grooves in a workpiece
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Table extensions and an anti-kickback device can be additionally mounted on both sides. A small appliance, like a push block, can be used to ensure a safe working environment. A swinging spindle increases the variation of processing possibilities for the workpiece.

The development of the horizontal milling machine

The first milling machine was used during the industrialisation in the 19th century, where it replaced manual work like planing and filing. Vertical and horizontal milling machines are differentiated by their milling spindle.

BÄUERLE Horizontal milling machine in use
These milling machines were powered by gear belts, which were also used to move the workpieces. The construction of the machine type "Lincoln", which transformed itself into a universal-milling machine through the additional tasks it could undertake, became a base for the construction of future milling machine. Milling slides and heads can be adjusted to run horizontally or vertically, and can process any desired angle of milling head and workpiece.

Specialist for thick wood material

After a certain size and thickness of the workpiece, a dimensionally accurate, good quality product can no longer be achieved using a router. This is where the implementation of a horizontal mill would be useful. Smaller workpieces can also be processed using a horizontal mill.

Used Horizontal Milling Machine 02
However, it is mainly used for the processing of large profiles, to shaping thicker wood pieces through milling, or for door frame slots. For private use, stationary horizontal mills are suitable due to their size and space requirements for safe operation.

How much do they cost?

The high installation costs are often the argument used against horizontal mills. There are many second hand industrial horizontal mills from well-known manufacturers available at Surplex.com. Through the combination of different market models, horizontal mills available from Surplex.com are made from well-known manufacturers like SCHEPPACH, MARTIN, SAC, and the Italian company, SICAR GROUP.
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