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Machines for spark erosive cutting with wire electrodes
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OCAIN HUBER OCT-8060GA Start Punching Eroding Machine
OCAIN HUBER OCT-8060GA Start Punching Eroding Machine
HUBER SD16BP-C Start Hole Erosion Machine
HUBER SD16BP-C Start Hole Erosion Machine
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Start hole erosion machines are special devices for EDM (electrical discharge machining) which can drill the smallest holes in all conductive materials. The star hole erosion machine uses the spark erosion process, in which a thin wire, the electrode, generates an electric field and removes the material in a controlled manner by plasma-physical processes. In this way, these machines produce, among other things, start holes for wire erosion, vent holes, etc. It is worth thinking about buying a used machine of this type. At Surplex, for example, you can buy modern EDM machines from CHARMILLES, AGIE, EDM, etc. at low prices - even with controlled Z-axis.

The start hole machine is used to prepare workpieces for electrical discharge machining (EDM) using wire electrodes. Because the tool electrodes in a wire cutting machine need to be guided along the top and the bottom of the workpiece, a cut is only possible along the edge or an already existing hole. The start hole erosion machine provides the possibility to produce these required through-holes using a electrical discharging method. It can produce general blind holes and through holes.

Electrical discharge machining (EDM) was developed in the 1940s in different regions using various methods. Soviets researchers came across the ability to use spark erosion by chance, when researching the ignition systems of internal combustion engines. Around the same time, the American teams were purposefully researching whether spark erosion machining could be used to process the hard metal of drilling tools.

  • The preparation of workpieces for electrical discharge machining (EDM)
  • Produces breakthroughs, through holes and blind holes
  • Mainly used for the processing of very hard, electrically conductive materials
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An important result of the Soviet research was the discovery that the erosion process can be positively influenced by immersing the electrode in a dielectric fluid. The first tools constructed for the EDM were technically classified as countersinks. The 1960s followed with the development of cutting tools with a thin electrode wire, which is guided along the top and bottom of the workpiece. With a wire EDM machine (just like saws that have a sawing blade fixed onto both sides), cutting is only possible along a workpieces? edge or on a hole that has already been produced. The production of such holes in steel tools or hard metal is done by start hole erosion machines. They contain a tool electrode in the shape of a pipe, which bores into the workpiece and takes up the supply of the dielectric fluid (normally water).

EDM is used for the processing of workpieces made out of materials that cannot be processed using other methods. The only requirement is that the workpiece has adequate conductivity. The electric discharging process is therefore usually applied for workpieces made out of hard metal, high tempered work steel and other similar materials. Extrusions or extrusion tools can be manufactured using the wire EDM machine, whose shape is continually being transferred to the desired profile using a circular cross-section. Because the cutting surface of such a workpiece contains a closed contour, the fabrication either requires a two part construction or a start hole. This is the main area of application for a start hole erosion machine. It can also generally be used for the electrical discharge drilling of thin through holes or blind holes, for example, for cooling channels or fuel supply. Because of the specific characteristics of an electrical discharge manufacturing process, the start hole erosion machine is most commonly used for the processing of very hard, electrically conductive materials.

Start hole erosion machines are a very special machine, even if they weren?t only used as a single-use machine for the manufacturing of start holes for wire electric discharging. There are a variety of manufacturers of these machines including GF AGIE CHARMILLES, MADRA-EDM, TECNOSPARK, ELECTRONICA and JOEMARS.