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Storage Containers

Storage boxes and tanks, transport containers, etc.

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  1. Storage containers are applicable in industry in a variety of ways
  2. History and development of storage containers
  3. Areas of application and examples of storage containers
  4. Brands and manufacturers for storage containers
Used storage container

Storage containers are applicable in industry in a variety of ways

Storage containers are applied in all cases where products and liquids need to be stored. These include crates, logistics boxes, various rectangular containers, bulk containers and tipping containers, and are designed according to their required application. Special designs like security storage containers, storage tanks, steel containers, modular containers, drinking water storage tanks and hazardous material storage containers are found everywhere in industry. Materials such as steel, plastic, stainless steel, wood and polypropylene are used. Large containers for pallets usually contain slots for forklifts and therefore are particularly suited for use in logistics.
  • Used in every area where there are storage capabilities
  • It can be used for temporary storage, transportation of semi-finished and finished products
  • Diverse range of containers depending on the application
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The most important task of these containers is their stable build and ability to keep their contents safe, particularly with hazardous materials. Storage containers can have their interior designed, so that they can be used to transport components or workpieces without risk of damage. In order to transport heavy components, the containers are usually reinforced with glass fibre.

History and development of storage containers

Storage containers are used for temporary storage and the transportation of semi-finished and finished products. With increasing industrialisation, the primitive storage containers made out of wood or sheet metal are being transformed into stable modern variations using lighter materials. Without storage containers, mass production in industrial manufacturing would not be possible. Modern containers have machine readable markings and using those, they can be integrated into the automatic production process.

Used storage container

Areas of application and examples of storage containers

Storage containers are used in all areas of industry including metal processing and machining, assembly lines, and to a large extent, logistics. Particularly in regards to logistics, storage containers are brought to the right work places through intelligent processes in automatic factories. The first models were small carriages, who reached the specific work space or machine by travelling on predetermined paths made out of magnetic loops. These carriages would then be loaded manually or by industry robots.

Brands and manufacturers for storage containers

Several companies have specialised in the manufacturing of storage containers. Some of the most recommended suppliers include CRAEMER, AUER, ENERPAC, UTZ, ZARGES, HUBER, CHEP INTERNATIONAL, AIRBANK, LOCKWEILER, CEMO and BAGALU.

Used storage container
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