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ABA FFU 2000/60 CNC Surface Grinder
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ABA FFU 4000 / 600 Surface grinding machine
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CAMUT MINI Surface Grinding Machine
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ELB SWB 010 VA II Surface Grinding Machine
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BLOHM HFS 6  Finimatic Surface grinding machine
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  1. Surface grinders used for the finishing of hardened materials
  2. History and development of the surface grinder
  3. Areas of application and examples of surface grinders
  4. Brands and manufacturers of surface grinders
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Surface grinders used for the finishing of hardened materials

A surface grinder is a cutting machine, which is used to process surfaces. The tools of a surface grinder are available in varying levels of solidity and bonding attributes. Accuracy levels of this machine reach the field
  • Metal cutting machine used for the processing of surfaces
  • Grinding discs available in varying levels of solidity and bonding attributes
  • Used for the building of tools and for the processing of hardened materials
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of 1/1000mm, which is particularly important for tool manufacturing. A further application of this machine is for the processing of hardened materials. The surface grinder is made out of a machine body that carries all the necessary components (besides the arrangement of the cooling material). In the back of the machine there is the grinding head on an adjustable column. In the front there is a moveable machine table, which contains a T-slot. The machine table can be moved horizontally over 2 axes. The in feed of the grinding disc is done vertically by moving the grinding head using a hand crank. An automatic feed is available on specific designs. The machine table is operated using a hand crank or automatically, the movement is parallel to the operators.
ELB Surface grinder in use
Therefore, it runs over highly precise guideways. To clamp in the workpiece, a magnet chuck is used that can be electrically or manually operated. A parallel vise and special clamping device is used. Profiles are then ground into the workpiece through the corresponding dressing of the grinding discs. Angles can also be created by tipping the clamping device.

History and development of the surface grinder

Surface grinders were already used in industrial manufacturing in the first half of the 19th century, as it was not possible to mill hardened workpieces at this time. With the introduction of the computer age, the first surface grinders with NC-steering came onto the market. These were later developed into machines with CNC-steering.

Areas of application and examples of surface grinders

Surface grinders are used in industry for the processing of guideways.
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They are essential for the manufacturing of tools. A typical task is the processing of the ejector plate in mould making and the fitting of the ejector through grinding the head. Bigger ejector plates are ground using a cup wheel grinding machine. Using the cutting tools, the processing of single segments of the hardened tools is done using a surface grinder. The magnetic chuck contains a stop ledge, so that the workpiece lies in a parallel position. The cutting angle is adjusted through tipping the magnetic chuck.

Brands and manufacturers of surface grinders

Several companies have specialised in the manufacturing of surface grinders. Some of the most recommended suppliers include STANKO, TOS, MININI, WMW,ELB, PERFECT, FAVRETTO, GUILIN, REICHLE and KNÖDLER.

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