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DANOBAT RD 60-22-15 Surface Grinder
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ELB SWBE 07 NC-K-T Surface Grinder
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4,500 €
09/10/2017 12:02
TOS BPH 20 NA Surface Grinding Machine
20 Bids
2,000 €
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HP-BESANCON PLTH SERIE A Surface Grinding Machine
15 Bids
1,010 €
21/09/2017 14:12
ABA FF 61 Surface Grinder
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600 €
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ABA FF 625 Surface Grinding Machine
10 Bids
500 €
25/09/2017 11:19


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  1. Surface grinders for the fine machining of hardened materials
  2. History of surface grinding machines
  3. Fields of applications for surface grinders
  4. Surface grinder manufacturers & buying used surface grinding machines
Used surface grinder

Surface grinders for the fine machining of hardened materials

Surface grinding is a process by which a machine tool cuts off tiny chips from materials to produce a smooth surface. The machinery works using grinding wheels covered in abrasive particles of various sizes.

  • Tool machine for chipping away at surface layers and creating a smooth finish
  • Features a variety of grinding wheels covered in abrasive particles
  • Used in tool manufacture and processing hardened materials
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Surface grinders can achieve very high levels of precision within a range of 1/1000 millimetre, which is a significant factor in its popularity in the tool manufacturing industry. Another field for which surface grinding machines can be used is in the finishing of hardened materials. A surface grinder consists of a machine body that supports all the components, except for the coolant applicator. The grinding head is at the rear of the surface grinder and is attached to a stand that allows adjustments to be made. The movable machine table is located to the front and features clamping slots. The machine table can be moved horizontally along two axes. The grinding wheel is fed-in vertically by moving the grinding head with a hand crank ‒ automatic feeding is available in some models. The machine table is also operated via a hand crank, or automatically in the case of a CNC surface grinding machine.

ELB Surface grinder in operation

Using a surface grinder

The device performs a movement parallel to the operator on top of high-precision guidance tracks. A magnetic chuck operated electronically or by hand holds the workpiece in place. A parallel vice and special clamping units also feature in the grinding process. If properly dressed, the grinding wheels can also be used to create profiles and certain angles can be achieved by tilting the clamping unit.

History of surface grinding machines

Surface grinding machines have been in use since the first half of the 19th century for industrial production. Back then, workpieces made from hardened materials could not be milled into shape. With the dawn of the computer age, the first NC-controlled surface grinders came onto the market. These have since however been replaced by the CNC surface grinder. Today, CNC surface grinding machines are the gold standard in effective manufacturing. Other devices, such as the rotary surface grinder, hydraulic surface grinding machine and horizontal/vertical surface grinding machine are now also available.

Fields of applications for surface grinders

Surface grinders
Second-hand surface grinder detailed view

Surface grinders can be used in industry to produce and finish guidance tracks. The surface grinder is also indispensable to the tool-building trade. The machining of ejector plates in mould-making and fine-tuning the plates by grinding the ejector heads are also routine tasks for this device. Larger ejector plates are sanded using a pot-grinding machine. The machine’s cutting tools are used to finish the individual sections of the hardened tool and are assisted by the magnetic clamps, or chucks, which feature a stop bar to ensure the workpiece remains parallel. The cutting angle can be adjusted by tilting the magnetic chuck.

Surface grinder manufacturers & buying used surface grinding machines

Nowadays, there are many surface grinder companies which have focussed heavily on manufacturing these industrial machines. These include established brands, such as STANKO, TOS, MININI, WMW, ELB, PERFECT, FAVRETTO, GUILIN and REICHLE & KNÖDLER. Used surface grinders from these manufacturers come highly recommended, provided they are in a suitable condition.
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Second-hand surface grinder
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