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SICAR TEMPO CN 150 Tenoning Machine
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3,000 €
AP OVERTEN 140 Tenoning machine
Cavour (TO)
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1,200 €
OVER TEN 140 Tenoner
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1,000 €
STETON Tenoner
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600 €
HEMAG ZR351 Tenon Cutter
Weilheim Teck
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500 €
FESTO ZA 2 T Tenoning Machine
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380 €
BONGIOANNI Tenoning machine
Cavour (TO)
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350 €
HARBS ZSM 2 Tenon Machine
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100 €
Lot of head for tenonig machine
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45 €


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  1. Joining of wood using a mortise and tenon joint
  2. The development of this specialised mill
  3. Use in construction and the production of furniture
  4. Used tenon machines out of wood processing
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Joining of wood using a mortise and tenon joint

The tenon machine is used for the production of mortises and tenons for wooden joints. It contains a horizontal mill with a cast iron work support, in the middle of which the milling spindle is located. The feed is manually operated or run through a feeder. The rotation speed can reach up to 10,000 rotations per minute, but this high speed is hardly used. The tenon machine is often combined with a circular saw to trim the corners of the workpiece.
  • Production of mortise and tenons for timber joints
  • Often combined with the circular saw
  • Mainly used for in window manufacturing
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The next step is the processing of the front of the workpiece with tenons and lots, whereby the workpiece is driven past the mill in a carriage. The most common joints are the T-joint and the L-joint. The width of the tenon is usually around 1/3 of the wood strength. The mortise is placed along the grain, in order to ensure stability. There is a difference between a through tenon, where the tenon pierces through, and a blind tenon, which is not visible from the outside. The exact fitting of a blind tenon is possible using a router, which is why this is commonly applied today.

SCM Tenon machine in use

The development of this specialised mill

Using hand tools, establishing a fitting mortise and tenon joint was a big challenge. Through the invention of machine tools, the work became more precise and lighter. In 1963, the company HEMAG developed the tiller rotor. This machine, which was specially built for window construction, was a horizontal mill with a tool switcher. Multiflex from SCM enabled the production of slanted mortise and tenon joint using an electronic programme and a swinging spot system.

Use in construction and the production of furniture

The mortise and tenon joint is used to join corners in, for example, the construction of windows and door frames. They enable the stable build of timber frame constructions. For hobbyists, these machines are used for the building of wall shelves or terrace roofs. Additionally, mortise and tenon joints are often strengthened. When used on smaller workpieces and furniture, they are glued, and for more stable constructions they are drilled and pinned.
Used tenon machine 02
There are a variety of different mortise and tenon forms. For example, the wedged half-dovetail mortise is called so due to its resemblance to a dove tail. When using several smaller tenons, this is called a joint. Finger joints are most commonly used for the construction of drawers.

Used tenon machines out of wood processing

Several companies have specialised in the manufacturing of tenon machines. Some of the most recommended suppliers include PANHANS, MARTIN, and BÄUERLE

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