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Tool Grinding Machines

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WALTER HELITRONIC 50 CNC Tool Grinding Machine
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550 €
CLARKSON Tool Grinding Machine/ Drill Grinding Machine
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300 €
TESTON ENGINEERING DG 100 Drill Grinding Machine
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250 €
KLAIBER Tool Grinding Machine
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60 €


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  1. Why do tools need to be ground?
  2. How does a tool grinder work?
  3. Why are tool grinding machines so expensive?
  4. Manufacturers of tool grinding machines
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Why do tools need to be ground?

The shape-cutting production of metal products is a process that needs to be done with the highest precision. Quality products in modern industrial facilities can only be produced when keeping with the exact dimensions required to the precision of a hundredth of a millimetre. Alongside high-end machines, which could precisely and automatically produce all types of necessary products, the quality of the work tools themselves is the deciding factor for the quality of end products.
  • It requires high precision
  • It maintains and repairs long term tools
  • Very important to have right angles
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Work tools like cutters, milling cutters, drills and planers are components subject to high stress, but also highly precise. Despite the use of cooling lubricants, a high rate of wear and tear on the tips of the work tools cannot be avoided. In order to be able to maintain and repair high-end and expensive work tools for long-term use, tool grinding machines should be installed.

How does a tool grinder work?

A bench grinder can be installed for the reparation of non-critical work tools like mortise chisels or steel drills. However, the correct reparation for used milling tools and cutting work tools is done with a professional tool grinding machine. It is important that grinding and precision work tools have the right angles: the cutting blade of a lathe operates under the main and trailing edge that have to sit at the exact right angle to one another. If these pre-determined angles move, it will result in imprecise results on the turned workpiece.
WALTER Tool grinding machine in use
Tool grinders are generally not table machines. They use a mechanism, with which the workpiece is precisely inserted depending on the angle and pressure. The actual grinding process can be done automatically or manually. However, a lot of experience is necessary when working with this machine. Generally, only trained cutting/milling machine operators that can estimate the precision of a ground workpiece should operate tool grinding machines.

Why are tool grinding machines so expensive?

Tool grinding machines have small dimensions. Tool grinding machines for drills or small milling tools can be set up on a work bench or a table. The dimensions of a tool grinding machine are dependent on their intake capacity. They are one of the most high-end pieces of equipment that a workshop could have. This is due to the high quality of their components. All components of a tool grinder are made to help turn a used work tool into a quality product, with which further quality products can be produced.
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The tool grinding machine is therefore the top component in determining the quality of tools. All carelessness or inadequate execution will inevitably show in the quality of the end product. Due to this, tool grinding machines are only established in upscale segments. To guarantee a certain standard of quality today often CNC tool grinders are in use, working automatically on the work tools providing constant level of accuracy. CNC (computerized numerical control) means a predefined programme runs selfstanding while the work is reduced to check and maintain the machine.

Manufacturers of tool grinding machines

The most well-known manufacturers of reliable tool grinding machines are DECKEL, SCHUETTE, WENDT and JÜNGER.
Used tool grinders can regularly be found on in one of the numerous industrial auctions or by just checking the industrial machinery marketplace.

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