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EWAG Ewamatic line
0 Bids
24,000 €
03/04/2019 10:01
Top lot
JUNKER QUICKPOINT 5002/50 CNC Tool Grinding Machine
0 Bids
12,700 €
10/04/2019 10:42
SMP CA6 Tool Grinding Machine
0 Bids
4,600 €
09/04/2019 09:52
REISHAUER OZA Gear Grinding Machine
1 Bid
1,500 €
02/04/2019 12:09
REISHAUER AZO Gear Grinding Machine
0 Bids
1,750 €
02/04/2019 11:28
CHRISTEN 1-32 Tool Grinding Machine
Monheim am Rhein
7 Bids
1,100 €
17/04/2019 10:32
WALTER UWS 30 CZ Universal Tool Milling Machine
1 Bid
800 €
03/04/2019 14:12
SCHNEEBERGER APUS Planing Head Sharpening Machine
0 Bids
630 €
10/04/2019 10:11
WALTER HELITRONIC 55 CNC CNC Tool Grinding Machine
0 Bids
4,300 €
HBM HBM 250 Tool Grinder
0 Bids
180 €


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  1. What is a tool grinder?
  2. How does a tool grinder work?
  3. Why are modern tool and cutter grinders more accurate than ever?
  4. Where can I find a used tool and cutter grinder for sale?
Used tool grinding machine

What is a tool grinder?

A tool grinder — sometimes referred to as a tool and cutter grinder — is a machine that is used to manufacture, sharpen and repair tool bits and milling cutters, as well as a range of other cutting tools. This versatile item of metalworking machinery can perform several grinding processes.

The tools and cutters used by various items of machinery need to be sharp and of the very highest quality at all times — otherwise they can create substandard products. Planers, drills, milling cutters and various other machinery tools are subjected to huge forces of stress and friction during their use. These tools are required to perform functions of the utmost accuracy, which means they must be protected from wear and tear by a tool grinding machine.

  • It requires high precision
  • It maintains and repairs long term tools
  • Very important to have right angles
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The latest metalworking and woodworking machines are fitted with cooling lubricant dispensers, but even these aren’t enough to stop tools from becoming worn and damaged over time. This is why production plants of all types and sizes rely on the tool grinding machine. Not only does it improve and maintain accuracy, it reduces maintenance and repair costs.

How does a tool grinder work?

A tool grinding machine is usually not mounted on a table. It works through the insertion of a tool, and requires a high level of skill from the operator. As well as a knowledge of the relationship between the metal workpiece and the grinding wheel, the operator must also understand the basics of tool geometry. The grinding process can take place both automatically or manually, but almost constant supervision of most tool grinders is necessary.

WALTER Tool grinding machine in operation

Large businesses tend to rely on a CNC tool grinding machine. This is because the grinding or cutting process is managed directly by a central computer. As the adjustments needed often involve very tiny and precise movements and measurements, there is significant scope for error. A CNC tool grinder manages the process in its entirety, reducing the chances of human error.

While computerised tool grinding machines are more expensive than older versions, companies have an opportunity to save money by purchasing used tool and cutter grinders. A used tool grinder may need maintenance and servicing, but it has a track record of performance behind it, which is something that can never be said about a new machine.

Why are modern tool and cutter grinders more accurate than ever?

The average tool grinding machine consists of 5 axes, which repair and maintain step tools, drills, endmills and a wide selection of different machinery used in metalworking and woodworking facilities. The latest models from manufacturers such as DECKEL, SCHUETTE, WENDT and JUNGER often feature automatic tool loading mechanisms and the ability to host several grinding wheels. Modern tool grinders can also measure tools automatically and make adjustments to the grinding process, which allows for unmanned production and processing.

Second-hadn tool grinding machine overall view

Lasers are used to measure tools with exceptional levels of accuracy. The smallest of imperfections can be identified and corrected automatically by a modern tool grinding machine, keeping production moving and as accurate as possible. In the past, a radius grinder and a D-bit grinder may have been needed for different tools. However, a universal tool grinding machine with CNC control can manufacture or repair all of the most common metalworking and woodworking tools in operation today.

Where can I find a used tool and cutter grinder for sale?

If you’re searching for a used CNC tool and cutter grinder, there’s a good chance that has exactly what you’re looking for. As well as tool grinding machines, we feature a wide selection of machinery used in metalworking and woodworking facilities. We sell used machinery at industrial auctions or directly from our site on a regular basis. However, if we don’t have exactly what you’re looking for today, keep checking the site for news of our latest sale events. Alternatively, sign up to the Surplex newsletter in order to learn about upcoming sales and auctions as quickly as possible.

Used tool grinding machine detailed view
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