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SCHAUBLIN 53 - N Universal Tool Milling Machine
8 Bids
6,100 €
MIKRON WF 31D Tool milling machine - Universal
13 Bids
5,500 €
DECKEL FP 4 - 60 Toolroom Mill
Schloß Holte-S…
1 Bid
5,500 €
MAHO MH 500C CNC tool milling machine
13 Bids
4,800 €
ANAYAK FV 2 Toolroom Mill
on request
DECKEL FP4 MA Tool milling machine - Universal
12 Bids
4,000 €
MIKRON WF 3 DCM Tool Milling Machine
0 Bids
3,500 €
Not started
DECKEL FP 3 A Toolroom Mill
4 Bids
3,400 €
DECKEL FP 6 NC Toolroom Mill
0 Bids
3,000 €
DECKEL FP 4 NC Toolroom Mill
1 Bid
2,500 €
SCHAUBLIN 13 Universal Tool Milling Machine
1 Bid
2,400 €
top lot
HERMLE PF 1000 Toolroom Mill
9 Bids
1,800 €
DECKEL FP 2 Toolroom Mill
11 Bids
750 €


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Used Toolroom Mill for industrial purposes at Surplex


  1. How does a toolroom mill work?
  2. Why are milling tools important?
  3. Working with a toolroom mill
  4. Manufacturers of toolroom mills
Used toolroom milling machine 01

How does a toolroom mill work?

A Toolroom mill works in principle just like universal milling machines: a workpiece is fixed on the work table and, through the use of a multi-axis milling head, shaped into the desired form. A universal milling machine is different due to its operating methods, which is why toolroom mills are cheaper. Due to the fact that pressing, punching, forging, casting and injection moulding tools are usually limited,
  • An individual tool is the central piece of a production machine
  • Tools made for manufacturing are generally produced individually .
  • There are a lot of used toolroom milling machines available on the market.
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toolroom milling machines are also available for specific dimensions.

Why are milling tools important?

An individual tool is the central piece of a production machine. It is the formative component needed when manufacturing an intermediate or end product out of raw material. All types of mass production and industrial products out of plastic, ceramic or metal are produced from one or more specific tools. For quality purposes, there are very high regulations placed on these products, especially if they are going to be a building component for a larger product. Mistakes made in the building of individual tools can accumulate and threaten the usability of the end product. Therefore, quality regulations for the manufacturing of tools must exceed that of the end product. To guarantee long-term quality, the machines that produce these manufacturing tools must have an even higher production quality.
Nowadays CNC Toolroom mills are available. By using the computerized numerical control (CNC) it is possible to work in a more precise way, even for large-scale production.

DECKEL Toolroom mill in use

Working with a toolroom milling machine

Tools made for manufacturing are generally produced individually and identical tools are very rarely mass produced. The quality of the manufactured tools is not only determined by the toolroom mill and other milling machines, but the competency of the user. The knowledge and skills needed for the production of manufacturing tools usually exceeds the competence of a normal machine mechanic. Therefore, the job profile "tool maker", has been created for this task. One can only expect to achieve successful results by employing this specialist. It is not necessary to hire assistants, as they would not be able to conduct useful tasks when working with a toolroom mill. Even the cleaning of this machine should be done by a specialist.

Manufacturers of toolroom mills

There are a lot of used toolroom milling machines available on the market.
Used toolroom milling machine 02
Many manufacturers regulate the building of a toolroom mill. With a new toolroom mill, one cannot see the quality of the built components. Because these machines work to a precision of a thousandth of a millimetre, if they are badly stored, this can have dramatic consequences on their motors and axels. The selling price of an average machine starts at around 10,000. If the produced tools render themselves as defective due to the state of the machine, the price of dealing with this mistake can also reach this level. Following the advice from a manufacturer with a lot of experience in the building of milling machines, can safeguard against buying an inferior machine. Recommended providers are: DECKEL, MAHO, HERMLE, MIKRON, KLOPP and KUNZMANN.
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