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  1. Veneer press for finishing inexpensive wood materials
  2. How does a veneer press work?
  3. Types of veneer press
  4. Working with veneer presses
  5. Veneer presses within the manufacturing network
  6. Buying a used veneer press
  7. Veneer press manufacturers
Veneer Press Front View

Veneer press for finishing inexpensive wood materials

A veneer press is a machine from the furniture industry that are used to re-surface inexpensive wood materials such as chipboard or softwood with a high-quality veneer. Veneered chipboard is the central element used for constructing furniture which means that high quality veneer presses are highly sought-after, both new and used.

  • Main purpose in furniture manufacturing
  • Re-surface inexpensive wood materials
  • Distinction between single-veneer, multi-veneer & continuous presses
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How does a veneer press work?

A veneer press comprises a large heated table upon which a heated plate can be raised and lowered. The element which is to be re-surfaced is placed with the veneer between the table and plate. The plate is lowered hydraulically and pressed down on the wood element with high pressure and heat. This causes the veneer and panel to firmly fuse together. Modern veneers are able to retain their shape even in warm humid conditions which means that aesthetically attractive, inexpensive and technically resilient panels can be produced and used in a wide variety of applications.

Types of veneer press

A distinction is made between single-veneer presses, multi-veneer presses and continuous presses. Single veneer presses, also called single-level presses, only have a heated plate and can only surface a single wood element. This type of machine is used by joineries which specialise in interior fittings or building individual pieces of furniture. Multi-veneer presses or multi-stage presses are available for serial processing of chipboard panels. This type of machine features several heated plates which are arranged one on top of the other thereby enabling a correspondingly large number of chipboard panels to be processed at once. Continuous presses comprise a conveyor belt and a range of rollers which help bind the veneer and base material together. Continuous presses are ideal for large-scale production.

Pressing Unit Veneer Press

Working with veneer presses

Once all the settings are correct, working with a veneer press is relatively easy. The plates are simply put into position and the pressing process is started. It is important, however, that safety regulations are adhered to and the compaction pressure, pressing duration and heat are adjusted exactly in line with the materials being processed. The veneering of wood materials can be delegated to trained workers in both large- and small-scale production.

Veneer presses within the manufacturing network

The manufacturing process for a finished furniture panel begins with the veneering of wooden boards which is then followed by the fine-cutting of the panel and gluing on the edges for which there are special machines available. Edge banding machines and soft-forming machines can also reliably veneer radially-cut panels around the corners and edges.

Buying a used veneer press

Veneer Press 03

Veneer presses are very durable machines with very few requirements with regard to maintenance and care. Used veneer press is an excellent investment. A residue of the adhesive that is ejected during the veneering process can adhere to a certain extent, but this can be easily removed during regular maintenance. Heating elements, hydraulic equipment and control electronics are subject to normal wear and tear which can be addressed through regular servicing. In summary, veneer presses are noncritical machines which feature a long lifespan and a used veneer press can always be relied upon.

Veneer press manufacturers

The most well-known manufacturers of veneer presses are OTT, ORMA, JOOS, ITALPRESSE, SIEMPELKAMP, SIMI, LZ, HÖFER, KOLMAG, FRIZ, SIMMIPIANTI, STEINEMANN, FAMA, LANZGAUER and CASOLIN. Those and further recommendable brands can regularly be found on Just check out our numerous industrial auctions to find your desired veneer press. If you need any further assistance or have any question do not hesitate to contact the Surplex customer care.

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