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  1. The vertical carousel in industrial stock management
  2. Application areas for vertical carousels
  3. Brand names and manufacturers of vertical carousels
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The vertical carousel in industrial stock management

Efficient storage systems (including the vertical carousel) are installed in a large number of different industrial sectors. The vertical carousel is based on the principle of a paternoster. This high-performance rotating storage system has two main advantages that are particularly important: it takes up minimal floor space and it optimally uses the height of the room. Through its several openings, a vertical carousel allows for the quick and efficient loading of goods. This storage system is suitable for rollers and goods in storage boxes.
  • An efficient storage system based on the principle of a paternoster
  • Takes up minimal floor space and optimally uses the height of the room
  • Differentiation between horizontal and vertical constructions
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Computer operated archiving systems makes it easy to bring the relevant pieces to the opening for loading. In terms of their construction, types of vertical carousels are differentiated between vertical and horizontal set-ups. These machines can be set up directly at a machine or assembly point, due to their minimal space requirements. This means the handling time can be significantly reduced, which benefits the production process. A vertical carousel is made out of a stable and encased frame. Within this frame, there is the so-called paternoster. This is equipped with an electronic operating system and a lower shelf or another type of mount on which the goods can be placed; the combination of these two features allow for a uniform motion depending on the desired position where the goods should be dispensed.
Used vertical carousel 02
There, the goods can be comfortably removed. The paternoster is mostly moved by use of a chain. Computer-based storage space allocation makes it easy to bring the goods directly to the desired location. Every compartment is accordingly coded and the position is detected via sensors; this is how the machine is controlled and operated.

Application areas for vertical carousels

A vertical carousel is useful to have in all areas, where there is little space available in order to provide the small components required for production and assembly. This can, for example, either be for drawing bearings or the storage for work documents. Here, all necessary documents for production are kept in suspension files and can then be quickly and easily found thanks to intelligent search functions and archiving methods. The vertical carousel is useful to have in the close vicinity of assembly lines, as it can provide the necessary pieces required for the production process. This means that long searching and routes are not required, which significantly increases work productivity.
Used vertical carousel 03
It is also possible to provide special solutions to specifically meet the requirements of corresponding receptacles and storage facilities. All these features make vertical carousels a very efficient support system in industry, as well as in an office.

Brand names and manufacturers of vertical carousels

Several companies have specialised in the manufacturing of vertical carousels. Some of the most recommended suppliers include INTERTEX, SCHWAB, HÄNEL, SCHMIDT, ESKA SCHNEIDER, KRAN & FÖRDERTECHNIK KONRAD, TOPREGAL, SCHMIDT AUMA, ABL SYSTEM, FRITZ SCHÄFER, KARDEX, WERNER HANSEN, SEYBOLD+BURKA, STROHMEYER and FGK.

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