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  1. What is a welding positioner?
  2. The characteristics of a welding positioner
  3. Areas of application of welding positioners
  4. Safety precautions during the use of a welding positioner
  5. Used welding positioners can be almost as good as the new ones
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What is a welding positioner?

In the process of welding, positioners are useful tools for increasing work quality, productivity, and flexibility, as well as labour motivation. A welding positioner is an industrial device that can be used for holding an item in place while a welding machine operates. The main role of a welding positioner is to ensure that workpieces are always set up to the most suitable welding position. Available in two-tier or three-tier models, the tool can rotate rounded and tubular items such as pipes to allow the welder to work at a constantly level surface. It has been determined that the use of rotary welding positioners could increase the productivity up to as much as 70%.

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The characteristics of a welding positioner

Most of the high-quality welding positioners are characterized by a clamping width of over 8000mm, which can allow a welder to perform highly accurate work on large scale-industrial items with curved edges and repeated shapes. Such a welding positioner is able to hold up to 25,000 kg of weight, while its speed range can go up to 0-0.5 mm/rpm.

Areas of application of welding positioners

Welding positioners can offer a diverse range of uses, which can vary depending on the extent of the working activity. A standard rotary welding turntable is used for accurate positioning in the horizontal or flat position.

KIEHNE Welding positioner in operation

The welding turntable (or the welding rotating table) represents a cost-effective way for rotating a workpiece (like a pipe, vessel or another industrial workpiece) around a vertical axis.

A dedicated welding positioner can be used for pipe spooling and effective positioning of large and awkward items such as vehicle chassis. Ideally suited to heavy industry work, such as in the field of the automotive industry, a welding positioner can be used by anyone wishing to increase the accuracy and reduce the time spent on a project. Small business owners or workers on personal projects (such as creating spare machine items) can also find the versatility of welding positioners indispensable.

Safety precautions during the use of a welding positioner

It should be noted, however, that this form of the industrial appliance is a heavy duty operation and should only be used by qualified personnel. The sheer size and power of many of the available welding positioners could cause severe damage to a worker or their equipment if used without due skill and precision.

Used welding positioners can be almost as good as the new ones

Used welding poistioner detailed view

Nowadays, there is a huge range of welding positioners available in different sizes and a variety of brands. These perfectly devised devices can represent a sound investment for all operators on large-scale industrial projects and it might be a good idea to consider buying a used welding turntable/positioner, as these very stable machines usually have a long lifespan.

Some of the most renowned manufacturers of welding positioners include KIEHNE, BONTEMPI, and SOYER. You can regularly find quality welding positioners for sale manufactured by such well-known suppliers in our numerous industrial auctions as well as on our regular used welding positioner sale page. Should you have any questions or requests, our team at the Surplex Customer Care will do their best to help you, while we also recommend subscribing to our newsletter to receive the latest news about industrial machinery sales.

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