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Used BIESSE Machinery

Used CNC Machining Centres, Edgebanders, Carcase Presses 6 Items
Dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 5,000 x 1,100 x 1,800 mm
Year of manufacture 2010
Weight approx. 2,000 kg
Item available from immediately
Delivery terms FCA Korschenbroich, loaded on truck
Korschenbroich Germany, 41352 Korschenbroich
26/05/2021 10:53
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8,900 €
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BIESSE CF2000 Carcase Press Carcase Presses
Dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 8,000 x 1,600 x 2,700 mm
Weight approx. 3,000 kg
Item available from Immediately
Delivery terms FCA Montelabbate (PU), loaded on truck
Montelabbate (PU) Italy, 61025 Montelabbate (PU)
20/05/2021 10:33
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2,000 €
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BIESSE Rover C 6.40 Conf 3 CNC Machining Centre
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Dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 7,000 x 2,500 x 2,300 mm
Year of manufacture 2009
Weight approx. 6,000 kg
Item available from july/ august
Delivery terms FCA Heidelberg, loaded on truck
Heidelberg Germany, 69126 Heidelberg
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BIESSE UNIWIN CNC Window Machining Centre
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Dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 27,200 x 2,450 x 2,500 mm
Year of manufacture 2007
Weight approx. 12,000 kg
Item available from immediately
Delivery terms FCA Rheinberg, free on truck
Rheinberg Germany, 47495 Rheinberg
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BIESSE Stream B1-B3 Edgebander Edgebanders
Top lot
Top lot
Dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 9,000 x 2,400 x 1,900 mm
Year of manufacture 2004
Weight approx. 7,500 kg
Item available from immedaitly
Delivery terms FCA Sat Costi, Comuna Vanatori, loaded on truck
Sat Costi, Comuna Vanatori Romania, 807326 Sat Costi, Comuna Vanatori
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6,900 €
BIESSE Brema Eco 2.1 Vertical 3-Axes CNC Machining Centre
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Dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 4,000 x 2,000 x 2,000 mm
Year of manufacture 2018
Weight approx. 1,800 kg
Item available from immediately
Delivery terms FCA Sofia, Bistritsa village, loaded on truck
Sofia, Bistritsa village Bulgaria, 1444 Sofia, Bistritsa village
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  2. BIESSE woodworking machinery
    1. BIESSE boring and inserting machines
    2. BIESSE CNC machining centres
    3. BIESSE calibrating and sanding machines
    4. BIESSE edgebanding machines
    5. BIESSE panel saws
    6. BIESSE hot presses
    7. BIESSE handling systems
BIESSE Group Logo
  • Founder: Giancarlo Selci
  • Founded: 1969
  • Headquarters: Pesaro, IT
  • Website:


BIESSE is an Italian manufacturer of high-quality woodworking machinery with subsidiary plants in Löhne and Hamburg, Germany. BIESSE is an all-round supplier of quality woodworking machinery for workshops and industrial operations. BIESSE sets itself high standards: no more than 2/100 millimetres of tolerance per running meter is permitted during development and design. It is stringent requirements such as this which make the company a technological leader in its sector.

BIESSE woodworking machinery

BIESSE has eight business divisions dedicated to manufacturing machines for the wood-processing sector. Their machines are designed to machine panels and solid wood and also apply coatings. BIESSE also supplies handling solutions, software products and machinery for processing plastics.

BIESSE boring and inserting machines

The development of boring and inserting machines is one of BIESSE’s main specialties. These machines can create pin holes, receptacles for threaded pins, and through-holes with a consistent level of quality – even in large-scale batches. BIESSE also stays true to its roots as an all-round provider within this range of machinery, which results in a broad and interesting array of products suitable for every size of company and type of application.

BIESSE offers a total four series in this range of machinery, as well as two solitary devices:

Series SKIPPER BREMA INSIDER TECHNO Others 100 Eko 2.1 Matrix Techno FDT Elix 130 Eko 2.2 Insider FT2 Techno SDT Active Drill V31 Eko 902 Insider FTT Insider M Vektor 25 Insider Door Idrak

The BREMA Series comprises six types, including the compact BREMA EKO, which is ideal for edge-work on panels, and the BREMA VEKTOR and BREMA IDRAK, which are CNC machines capable of high throughput.

BIESSE Insider
For maximum flexibility and productivity, look no further than the machines of the INSIDER and MATRIX Series. They combine automatic panel-feeding with several highly precise boring heads making them ideal for order-related production.

BIESSE Skipper
The SKIPPER Series consists of three compact models which lend themselves to being combined with roller and conveyor belts. They work on the flat sides of panels.

The two machines of the TECHNO RANGE offer similar functionality and performance but for vertical edge-processing.

The ELIX and ACTIVE DRILL machines are BIESSE’s more compact alternatives.

BIESSE CNC machining centres

BIESSE supplies CNC machining centres for door and window production, as well as routing, nesting and edgebanding.

Door and window manufacturing
The two series provide powerful machines capable of high throughput and are marketed by BIESSE under the names UNILINE and WINLINE ONE.

The UNILINE Series is an innovative device known as an NC multi-centre. Featuring computerized numerical controls, it helps reduce use of personnel and can increase efficiency in craft workshops and small manufacturing firms. The operating controls are based on a simple, logical structure. The machine can be left to create standard dimension items or custom-designed products. Once programmed, the UNLINE machine guarantees the highest level of repeat accuracy and thus ensures consistent quality across all products.

In terms of productivity and performance, the WINLINE ONE is somewhat more advanced than its smaller counterpart, the UNILINE. It still provides an extensive range of basic processing options for workpieces and door/window production, but can also produce complex geometries, such as round or pointed arches. The WINLINE ONE can be used to create batches of any sizes while ensuring consistent quality throughout.

Routing, nesting, edgebanding
The company covers these three types of application with its Rover and Excel Series, which consist of 18 machines in total. The Rover Series is the more extensive range. See the table below for an overview of the different models:

  • BIESSE Rover K Smart
  • BIESSE Rover K
  • BIESSE Rover A Smart
  • BIESSE Rover A
  • BIESSE Rover M5
  • BIESSE Rover B
  • BIESSE Rover C
  • BIESSE Rover A Edge
  • BIESSE Rover B Edge
  • BIESSE Rover C Edge
  • BIESSE Rover Edge Line
  • BIESSE Rover J FT
  • BIESSE Klever
  • BIESSE Rover S FT
  • BIESSE Rover A FT
  • BIESSE Rover B FT
  • BIESSE Rover C FT

BIESSE calibrating and sanding machines

BIESSE also provides a complete range of products for calibrating and sanding applications – the Viet Series. It features a selection of machines ideal for small craft workshops through to industrial-scale producers. There are four series within this range, each with different machines suitable for a variety of applications.

The S Series of calibrating and sanding machines are very compact pieces of equipment. They come equipped with automated, continuous feeding and one or several rotary brushes, which are adjustable/interchangeable according to the material in use. The S Series consists of three models.

The OPERA Series features BIESSE’s mid-sized calibrating and sanding machines. These are fitted with up to 10 sanding groups, making OPERA machines ideal for use in large-scale industry. They also come equipped with modern programming controls, which can be accessed directly on the machine or via remote control.

Finally, the most powerful calibrating and sanding machines can be found in the VALERIA and NARROW Series. They are suited to especially high throughputs of wooden products and feature comprehensive processing functions. The VALERIA is the ideal solution for panel-sanding while the NARROW machine is dedicated to narrow profiles, such as in door and window frames.

BIESSE edgebanding machines

The edgebanding machines produced by BIESSE are another of their specialties. Simultaneous execution of both processing functions by one machine is no mean feat in the world of woodworking machinery. BIESSE manufactures a wide range of products specially designed for highly-efficient, simultaneous processing. The benefits are clear to see: higher throughput, consistent quality and maximum precision, all within a compact, standalone unit. This saves on turnover stations and handling systems and leads to enormous gains in productivity. In addition to the CNC machining centres already mentioned, the company also produces the following four series: Series AKRON JADE SPARK STREAM Others Akron 1300 Jade 200 Stream A K60 Trim Akron 1400 Jade 300 Stream B Active Edge Stream B MDS

Edgebanders for every scale of operation. The BIESSE K60 TRIM and Active Edge supplement the already extensive range of products.

BIESSE panel saws

BIESSE also offers a range of machinery for sizing semi-finished chipboard panels. As named by the company, these are ‘panel-sizing centres’, not simply saws. The smallest and simplest model is the ACTIVE 400, a high-quality sliding table saw which would make an outstanding addition to any carpenter’s workshop.

There are nine machines in the following two series:

NEXTSTEP SELCO Others Selco WN 2 Active 400 Selco SK 4 Selco WN 6 Selco WN 7 Selco WN 6 Selco WNA 7 Selco WNA 8

BIESSE hot presses

BIESSE’s hot press, the BLAZE 120, is designed for a comprehensive range of manufacturing and processing operations on wooden panels. It can be used to apply veneers to chipboards and even produce plywood, which enables manufacturers to satisfy any customer requirement.

BIESSE handling systems

The handling solutions provided by BIESSE are ideal for high volumes and feature a range of equipment, such as turning stations and vacuum portal lifting arms. Automated removal and stacking, feeding and palletisation make these machines highly efficient and versatile. BIESSE supplies a total of seven handling system solutions:

  • BIESSE Turner
  • BIESSE Winner W3
  • BIESSE Winner W4
  • BIESSE Lifter
  • BIESSE Winner W2
  • BIESSE Winner W1
  • BIESSE Winstore

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