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BYSTRONIC Bystore L2-3015 sheet storage system
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BYSTRONIC Laser GmbH - Used machinery at Surplex


  1. BYSTRONIC Laser GmbH
  2. The History of BYSTRONIC
  3. Products from BYSTRONIC
  4. The Company in Numbers
  • Employees: 100
  • Headquarters: Elgin, Illinois,
  • Founded: 1978
  • Website:


BYSTRONIC is a laser cutting company that was founded way back in 1978. This particular company provides high quality laser cutting systems, material handling solutions, bending of metal sheets, press brakes and water jet cutting systems. This particular organization boasts of over 100 employees with sales and customer training facilities geographically dispersed throughout Mexico, Canada, United Kingdom and the United States of America. BYSTRONIC Company provides customer specific solutions purposely designed to accommodate emerging challenges encountered in today's increasingly competitive manufacturing sector.

The History of BYSTRONIC

BYSTRONIC LASER AG was founded in 1964. In 1984 it developed its first laser cutting machine. In 1990 the company became international and today it is present in 30 countries spread over Europe, America and Asia.

Products from BYSTRONIC

The company boasts of numerous products and this includes High precision CO2 lasers, press brakes, and automated material handling products that processes metals and other sheet related materials.

To begin with, there is the Xcite 80E which is an electric press brake system that has integrated a high speed ram positioning system which not only is safer but also dramatically reduces bending cycle times by an average of 15-30 percent, and at the same time can attain speeds of up to 600 inches per minute with bending speeds of approximately 47 inchers per minute without necessarily compromising on accuracy and quality, and as a result of the minimal scraps there is intensified manufacturing efficiency coupled with higher productivity. There is also the BYAutonom 3015 which is a high precision laser cutting tool. This machine operates autonomously, and when it is directly integrated with an automated system, it becomes easier to operate, hence labor tasks associated with setting up the laser cutting system in conjunction with manned operations are completely minimized. Due to its high output, manufacturing based organizations benefit from lower cost per part, in addition, there is also automated material storage and handling, trendsetting of proprietary designs, and unlimited diversity of materials and shapes.

There is also the By Jet smart water jet cutting system which enables manufacturing entities to enhance their ability in processing any material without compromise whatsoever. The product comes with new technological features such as automated nose height sensing techniques, abrasive metering, various high efficiency cutting heads, and a high efficiency pump that ensure lower cost per part.

The Company in Numbers

BYSTRPONIC headquarters are in Elgin, Illinois, with various active satellite branches dispersed throughout Mexico, Canada, and United Kingdom.

Used BYSTRONIC Laser Cutting Machine
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