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BYSTRONIC PR 10 Press Brake
Germany, 48629 Metelen
BYSTRONIC PR 10 Press Brake
BYSTRONIC BySpeed 3015 Laser Cutting Machine (no minimum price!)

BYSTRONIC started out as a glass processing firm in 1964. The company name was formed with a combination of the founders' names: Byland, Schneider and Trösch. It was during the early 1980s that the company's engineers started working on the first BYSTRONIC laser cutting machine. This arm of the business moved to Niederönz in 1986, and BYSTRONIC Laser AG was formed in 1988.

Today, BYSTRONIC is one of the world's leading manufacturers of waterjet cutting, laser cutting and bending systems. The company develops complementary software to ensure their state-of-the-art machines are efficient and accurate. BYSTRONIC now employs more than 2,200 employees across bases in Europe, North America, South America and Asia. Since 1994, the company has been part of Conzzeta, a holding company based in Switzerland that specializes in machine construction.

Laser cutting systems

BYSTRONIC laser cutting systems are renowned for their accuracy, efficiency and reliability. The process involves the cutting of sheet metal using a laser beam, which is created by a resonator and conducted via a series of mirrors and lenses. A BYSTRONIC laser machine uses two types of laser: a fibre laser and a CO2laser. This process is versatile, and it can be adapted to profiles, tubes and flat metal sheets. Aluminium, stainless steel and steel can be cut to thicknesses of between 0.8mm and 30mm.

Fiber cutting

The company's entry level fibre cutting system is the ByStar Fiber, which delivers premium cutting quality and a wide range of thicknesses. The BYSTRONIC ByStar Fiber is equipped with the ByVision Cutting interface, which makes operation easier than ever.

If you are looking for a fiber laser cutting machine that can do it all, the BySprint Fiber is ideal. This powerful machine is able to process sheet metal of up to 8m x 2m. Medium to thick cuts are no problem, and a range of innovative features give the user full control of the cutting process. These features include Detection Eye, Cut Control and Nozzle Changer. There are two versions of this model, but the ByStar 4020 delivers the most comprehensive cutting experience. The BySprint Fiber 3015 and 4020 are popular CO2 cutting machines capable of exceptionally high production levels. Larger workpieces can be processed with the Bysprint Fiber 6520 and 8020.

CO2 cutting

The ByAutonom range is available in two designs. The Bystar 3015 is the entry level option, which is capable of processing sheet metal of up to 4m x 2m. This particular range delivers a high level of autonomy, as it features patented Collision Detection, lens-cassette and automatic nozzle alignment technology.

The BySprint Pro is available in both the 3015 and 4020 designs. It features automated nozzle exchange, the latest cutting and piercing technology and machine encapsulation that reduces noise and smoke emissions. The ByStar L is the ideal laser cutting system for over-sized workpieces of up to 12m long.

Press brakes

BYSTRONIC press brakes are amongst the most capable on the market today. They offer unique benefits, including very high positioning, flexibility, versatility and easy-to-program CAD/CAM software. The company's highly capable press brakes are used for bending flat sheet metal. A BYSTRONIC press brake delivers precision and speed either by air bending or stamping. Dynamic crowning is a standard feature on the Xpert range of press brakes.

Among the models to look out for is the Xpert 40, which delivers maximum processing speed through back gauge acceleration. The Xact Smart is a press brake machine that utilises BYSTRONIC software to deliver an intuitive processing experience. The Xact Smart is a great option if you need a machine that will seamlessly integrate into an existing operation. The Xcite 80 E is an electric press brake with a modern drive system, a tool clamping system and a Force Dynamic Drive that ensures speed, power and accuracy at all times.

Waterjet systems

BYSTRONIC waterjet systems consist of a high-pressure pump that pushes three litres of water per minute through a nozzle of just 0.28mm. The result is an extremely fine jet that is capable of cutting many different types of workpiece. While some machines are designed to cut with pure water, others can switch between water and an abrasive solution.

The latest 3D cutting technology delivers cuts at an angle of up to 46 degrees, and utilises a high-speed feed motion. The Byjet series of waterjet systems include technologies such as automated cutting, nozzle calibration, clog detection systems, automatic vehicle distancing and regulated pump pressure through CNCcontrol.


BYSTRONIC laser cutting systems are equipped with some of the most advanced automation systems on the market today. ByTrans and ByTrans Extended makes loading and unloading various workpieces quick and efficient. Designed to work in conjunction with the ByStar Fiber, BySprint Fiber and ByAutonom ranges, this loading system delivers significant production cost savings.

The ByTrans Cross system is another highly versatile loading and unloading system for BYSTRONIC laser cutting machines. Operation is controlled via a touch screen, delivering short loading cycles and gentle handling. For operations that require light manning, the ByTower loading system is ideal. Sheet metal handling is the job of the ByLoader system, which offers simple operation via machine control.

If you are looking for a used BYSTRONIC press brake for sale, you will need to scour used machinery marketplaces, as they are very popular. This renowned machinery brand specialises in the manufacture of exceptional laser cutting machines, so the demand for the company's machines is big. Whether you are looking for a used BYSTRONIC laser for sale or a press brake, the cost of buying new is significant. However, by purchasing via used machinery marketplaces, it is possible to pick up a second-hand machine for anything between a few hundred Euros to several thousand. Unfortunately, the latest BYSTRONIC laser cutters and press brakes are very difficult to find in a used condition. A second-hand ByJet Smart 3015 waterjet cutter is easier to find, however. Bystronic is a manufacturer with a reputation for building machines that stand the test of time, so buying used items bearing the brand's logo is rarely a risk.