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Used DALEX Machinery

Used Welding Devices (mobile) 2 Items
DALEX CGL 122 Gas-shielded welding unit Welding Devices (mobile)
Dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 700 x 400 x 500 mm
Year of manufacture unknown
Weight approx. 60 kg
Item available from immediately
Delivery terms FCA Velen-Ramsdorf, loaded on truck
Security deposit Credit card required
Velen-Ramsdorf Germany, 46342 Velen-Ramsdorf
28/10/2021 09:12
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350 €
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DALEX GKW 343 Welding Machine Welding Devices (mobile)
Dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 600 x 700 x 1,300 mm
Year of manufacture unknown
Weight approx. 120 kg
Item available from immediately
Delivery terms FCA Voerde, loaded on truck
Voerde Germany, 46562 Voerde
Not started
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60 €

DALEX Schweißmaschinen GmbH - Used machinery at Surplex


  1. DALEX Schweißmaschinen GmbH
  2. The History of DALEX
  3. Products from DALEX
  4. The Company in Numbers
  • Name: DALEX
  • Employees: Employees: 165
  • Location: Wissen
  • Turnover: 16 Million EUR
  • Website:

DALEX Schweißmaschinen GmbH

DALEX is one of the leading producers of welding devices. At the beginning, the company produced razor blades and razors. The company has been producing welding machines as well as welding components and accessories for the last 63 years. It also specialises in resistance welding, which is often used in mass production for products made out of sheet metal.

The History of DALEX

DALEX was founded in 1911 by Carl Niepenberg in Solingen. Still produced under the name “WANIE”, these products became a huge success. The company was in a very good position, with its large range of products. In 1950 it ventured towards another type of business and produced the first spot welding machines. The company moved its headquarters to Wissen and concentrated their production on this line of products. These welding machines resulted in such a high increase in demand and turnover that this line of products had to be expanded. The booming automobile industry was one of the most grateful customers for these innovative and very economical machines. First of all, spot welding equipment could be used to produce products with unprecedented quality for affordable prices. The name “DALEX” first came about in 1952. This name is an anagram from the name “Alexander”, the name of the founder’s son who had died. The “DALEX” products quickly became a synonym for efficient welding machines. DALEX machines were already being sold internationally at this time. They were loved for their robustness.

DALEX machines are the choice of machine for builders, construction workers and seamen, because they are weather proof. After their growth plateaued, the company experienced a set back and was sold to a group of investors. This new acquisition was undertaken very carefully and responsibly, and so the production facilities in Germany were able to remain as they were. Today, DALEX is one of the most all-rounded providers of welding technology worldwide.

Products from DALEX

DALEX’s product range includes standard machines, hand operated and robotic welding guns, MFT transformers and customised products. A wide ranging offer of accessories rounds off the product range of DALEX.

In the standard machine product line, there are 5 series each with 15 different types of machines on offer. They cover all the responsibilities and tasks of a point or roller based electric welding station in mass production.

Hand operated welding guns are offered in 4 different series with 9 different types, ranging from very simple machines to solutions with a lot of responsibility. DALEX also has designs available for welding aluminium.

Robot-supported automated systems, also produced by DALEX, are available in a modular design. These can then be configured to suit the customer’s requirements. The MT Transformers from DALEX set new standards for efficiency and cost effectiveness. DALEX tries to particularly ensure that their transformers are durable, use minimal amount of energy and do not require so much coolant.

The Company in Numbers

DALEX's products comprehend a wide range or branches in the metalwork field; furniture production, car production, heavy machines, windows, doors and many more.

Used DALEX electric welding machine

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